Monday, September 19, 2011

Counting blessings.

Big guys and little girls
make my heart sing.


  1. The middle picture is my favorite, such sweet expressions.

  2. These made my heart happy. Precious love.

  3. Squishable - both of them !

    You are blessed my friend - truly blessed....


  4. Hello Janie,

    Lovely photos depicting moments to cherish and preserve for ever. These lovely moments will never come back. One trusting, innocent and angelic and the other loving,caring,and attentive. Both in a state of bliss. Very endearing photos.

    Best wishes,

  5. Priceless. Honestly.

    Hugs, friend. :)

  6. I sit here staring at the blank comment box and realize I have no words to express my response to those three pictures. My heart is melting.

  7. I want to kiss that little dolls face off! I love in this order 1) her rubberband wrists. 2) her double chin 3)her chubby cheeks. 4) her michelin man knees. I have all those qualities too, but somehow @ 35years old something gets lost in the translation and adorable becomes repulsive. FACT. btw, your man's "secksy" glasses have inspired John to bite the bullet and get some decent ones of his own...He asked me to find out where you made Stu's apptmt? I hope Stu doesn't mind John going as twinsies.

  8. This is the beginning of a great love affair - that is obvious. Ann

  9. So, so cute! There is just something about a man and a baby that melts my heart!


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