Monday, September 26, 2011


 I have great news.
Mom and Dad are moving 
into the new assisted living residence in town.
We visited and looked at other options.
I prayed that whatever was the best choice
would be the only plan that would work out.
God hand picked this option. 
This was the only one where things lined up .
My siblings and I feel so good about it.
Mom can have help and Dad will be safe.
The folks have to have TB tests 
and then they are moving in.
I guess TB is a possibility 
here on Walton's Mountain.
Who knew?
They are both really excited.
Dad may or may not think it is a condo in Branson.
Ha ha.
Just kidding...I think.
It is absolutely beautiful.
These are pictures of Mom and Dad's unit
with the facility's furnishings.
They will bring their own.
We all think we want to live there.
We have been shopping for new recliners 
and some other new pieces.
Maybe we need a sleeper sofa?
Or two.
it has a theater with popcorn machine,
hair salon,
activity/workout room,

 indoor fireplace
with pool table and tv area,
full-on buffet,
laundry service, 
cleaning service,
and wonderful courtyard
with an outdoor fireplace
just off their patio
with no access to the outside.
Safe and secure.
 (That is the Lord's prayer on the plaque.
My nephew's masonry company built it)
See what I mean?
Now you wanna go too, right?
We are trying it for the winter
with hopes 
that they love it enough to stay.
We have somebody lined up 
to stay and watch over the farm.
I think it is going to be grand.
I love when God's plan comes together.
Thanks for your prayers.
We appreciate them so much.

*all photos from Villas of HollyBrook facebook page

134. movie popcorn
255. God's voice
244. falling leaves 
197. a gentle rain


  1. How nice !!!!! I think it's going to be GRAND indeed !

    FYI on that shower in their unit - those benches get SLIPPERY. Just as my Jacob - lol ! You need to get a bath matt or stickers for it. They also sell bars for around the wall-less side of the toilet - makes it easier for balance and stability.... just saying.

    Prayers that this is the piece of mind you all deserve,


  2. That. Is. Fantastic. My parents are right behind them. Maybe I should line up the TB tests. I think I'll go ahead and ask for one too...'cause it looks really good to ME, too!

  3. I love that there ARE such places! Hey for ME maybe even some day ya know? ....well I'm just sayin'... Hope they'll be happy there! Looks comfy cozy!

  4. I love the fact they can bring their own "stuff" with them.
    I think that will make them feel like they belong there.
    I hope they LOVE it!

  5. Looks really really good to me...when are WE moving in???

  6. Even I will sleep better tonight.
    It looks lovely.
    A wee bit of Heaven on Earth.

  7. Looks very nice. Its nice that they will be together

  8. Such great news! I love when I can SEE the work of God with answered prayers.

    Really, it looks quite nice there. I'm sure it's close to you, right? Love it.

    Have a beautiful Tuesday. :)

  9. What wonderful news! Speaking from experience this is a win-win situation for both your parents and you/your siblings! Congrats!

  10. I totally want to go!! This is going to give such peace of mind. I am thrilled for you + your family.

  11. Praise the Lord!! I love to see God's handiwork coming together. I will continue to pray that your folks are happy there. What relief for you & fmaily this winter to know they are tucked away safely with help close by.

  12. They will be together, they have their own stuff, sounds like the answer to your prayers.

  13. Sounds like the perfect answer for your folks! Hope the transition goes smoothly for them and for you all.

  14. Thank GOD you've got that settled. Now we can get back to important things like planning our halloween prank night and supporting Toby's campaign for president. I vote we all wear camo and tiaras. The person who contributes the fewest (GOOD) ideas has to draw their face on w/a sharpee instead of mascara! Maggie better start googling sharpee removal techniques on human skin now...she just had a baby & her brains probably fried. I will host a planning party @ my house but you gotta get Stu to invite John over...cuz John's a hardworker and a good guy & all but he's also an eavesdropper and a narc....he will rat us out at the first opportunity.
    On a totally serious note I'm praising God for this answered prayer, and so happy you girls are seeing a light at the end of your tunnel!
    xoxo muah

  15. Well, when can I visit? It's a difficult decision to make, but the key words are, safe and secure. AND your mom will have some help. Not to mention all those hipsters hanging out in the movie room! The place looks homey and comfortable and they are very lucky to have their family looking out for their best interests. Best wishes for a smooth transition. Ann

  16. It looks fabulous! I hope they love it.

  17. Wa-hoo! God is soooo great! (Thank You, Father.)

  18. P.S. You don't REALLY live on Walton's Mountain, right? Because I don't live so very far from there...

  19. So happy things are coming together for you and your family.
    The place looks amazing. I need to book a weekend getaway!!!

  20. This is exciting news!!! I'm sure they won't want to leave after the winter...they'll miss all the company they have!


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