Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Popping in

Howdy peeps!
I am just popping in to say" hey"
 and let you know I am popping out to a quick vacation.
We are still camping in the drive.
 The house is looking good.
No word on the contents, other than the usual...
"you are a big job."
Excuse me? What the Hello Kitty?
Carpet is to be laid in my master bedroom on June 7th.
 I hope our stuff comes from the restoration company shortly after that.
Until then, I have plans.
Come this Thursday Jackie and I are whisking our  mom, Toots off in a big ol' jet airliner
to the sunny state of Florida. 
We are meeting up with my niece Ellen, her daughter Sophie and my oldest sister, Judy.
(I feel like there should be commas between the person's relationship to me and their name
 but then it just looked like too many commas.
My old English teacher has expired and I have retained nothing of my formal education.
Or the informal.
I do remember Pink Floyd saying we don't need no education...
For now, I rely on Nick Kids to school me.)
Did I lose ya back there?
Unfortunately my sister, Linda who is my fellow decorating machine couldn't make this trip.
We are technically going there to decorate my sis's vacation house.
The place she hangs all winter... like Illinois is cold or something. Pfft
This house is the replacement of her 5th wheel where I currently abide..
She didn't offer the vacay house up for my interim dwelling.
Maybe she didn't think she had room for the cattle.
I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that.
Luckily, it's not all work ahead.
There's is thrifting in the itinerary, IKEA, and of course, a visit to my mother ship....Home Goods.
However, the grand daddy of it all...we are hitting Magic Kingdom with Toots in tow.
She's 89 and wanting to party like Cinderella.
Well, like a princess on a scooter.
Depending on how hard we all work,
we may be a royal court on scooters.
No doubt there will be some hobbling.
I am famous for wearing flip flops for 12 miles of walking only to
end the day with crying dogs.
So yes,  I am leaving poor Stu here to carry on.
Someone has to batten down the hatches in the camper when the tornados threaten...
which is just about daily.
While I am away, I am hoping it quits raining and he finishes planting.
I have a big to-do list when those contents aka the" big job" come home.
Don't cry for him Argentina.
I am leaving 3 capable daughters here to keep him
in line well fed and cared for properly.
Until I return, keep the home fires burning.
Well not literally, trust me it's a big old mess...
actually the word on the street is
 it's a "big  job".



  1. I'm really, REALLY happy for you, Janie. Take some before and after shots (PHOTOS, I mean) of your sister's place. It will be awesome, I'm sure.

    I can't wait to see the colors you've chosen for your "new" place. Sounds like Stu will be busy while you're gone.

    And yeah! How about this weather?!? Maybe a little flooding hitting your part of the country right now?

    Blessings on you and your traveling companions, my friend. ♥

  2. you are handling all this displacement stuff wonderfully.
    our house blew up with the city's raw sewage about 7 years ago, and we had to live in temporary housing for 5 months...I thought I would DIE. I was such a brat. no really. a total brat.

    i was 33 with 3 & 5 year old boys but still...wish so bad i could have seen that it just really wasn't a big deal.

    insurance was a BEAR to deal with bc we were having to deal with the city's insurance, since their city workers caused the sewage line to burst in our home. we were so afraid that they wouldn't do what they needed to do to help us. in the end, it ALL worked out. they bought our home at fair market value bc it destroyed the home. GROSS. you could smell the stink for miles.

    anywho, ALL of that to say....I'm so proud that you've responded so much better than I did. :) I'm learning from you, Janie!

    Have fun with your family...soak up the sun!!!!

  3. Oh dear girl you had better IG that's my special request!! Be safe and have fun.

  4. Have fun but please, take and wear tennis shoes so the dogs aren't barking too loud.

  5. i hope you have so much fun, Janie!
    i can't wait to see your house all put back together...i'm sure you can't either. ;)
    also, home goods is my mother ship, too!
    that explains a lot.

  6. Have a fun and safe trip! And don't forget some sturdy walking shoes - lol!

    hugs from jersey,

  7. Oh its sounds like so much fun . . especially with all the ladies in the family. I would so much like to do that also with my sisters and Momma. Have fun and be safe Janie-girl :O)

  8. You deserve this little break, my friend!
    Safe travels and have some fun while you're at it ~

    That big job will still be waiting for you when you return :-)

  9. God bless you! You've definitely earned
    the fun time away - what is it they say,
    "All work and no play makes a girl grumpy & forlorn".?
    Can't be havin' that, so ENJOY!!

  10. Oh, your trip sounds WOOONDERFUL. I've been worried about you blowing away in that trailer. But SERIOUSLY. Post pictures of those grandkids.

  11. Sounds fab! Been missing you but love catching up here. Im jealous. Im taking my 70 yo mom out to Taos NM to UNdecorate her vacay home that finally sold.Between planting n hay making n kids n critters we ve been working on a BIG project... a flip house that lists today! Please say a prayer it sells fast. Yup Home Goods is my magic kingdom too! Ill be posting a ton as soon as I find faster farm Internet. Til then I ve been using my phone. Bet my old english teacher would be crying if she read my phone writing! Xoxo

  12. Hope I'm not too late, Janie, you need to get Croc flip flops, you can walk for hours in them with no pain. . . check them out on line, that's all I wear, whewwwwww. . . I hope I caught you in time. . . have fun, I love that your takin Toots!!

  13. mercy woman-- sounds like fun and thanks for the pink Floyd reminder because I can't memember nuthin anymore. your new house will be awesome.

  14. Hey there, Hope all is moving in the right direction with the house. Can't wait to see more pics:O) Sandy xo


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