Thursday, January 24, 2013

Save the date, or not.

Early in the week I took a little road trip
to see my pal Jayme aka the coopkeeper.
My plan... do a bit of thrifting,
help on a re-do of her guest room,
 and flop on her couch with coffee
getting our gab on.
Her me like a rented mule.
We thrifted. Oh baby, we hit the jackpot.
We did some couch sitting too.
We had some "Downton" time.
However at one point things went a bit awry for me.
We were all seated up at the kitchen island and
Jayme was serving me fresh dates.
I cannot get such fancy fruit here in the 'ville
so I was really happy to get to experience them.
We were enjoying ourselves when we detect smoke.
Jayme: What's Glen doing in the basement to cause all the smoke?"
At that moment  I start to wheeze.
Then, I freak in my mind.
It is coming from me!
I am spontaneously combusting!
Oh dear Lord, I thought that was a myth and
now here I am burning up in my cohort's kitchen!
I look at Jayme for support.
She's in flat out hysterics.
The doubled over cackling pose.
I jump up and run to the bathroom
to check my mouth that she's pointing at
while laughing her arse off.
My tongue and teeth are black.

Apparently, I had chosen a date with a mold situation.
Oh how very hospitable of her to share it.
I hacked and snotted, took an antihistimine
and was able to continue the visit.
Now though, I gotta run...
I have an appoinment with
a personal injury attorney in 15.
I'll own that coop.



  1. OMG - I'm doubled over cackling again - with tears rolling out of my eyes...lololol...only you Janie - so so so funny!

  2. WhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaTTTTTTTTT?

  3. And Jayme always makes visiting her home seem like such fun. Thanks for the inside scoop.
    Glad you had a chance for some girl time. I'd love to join the two of you one day, but think I'll pack my own snacks. :-)


  4. Oh my, this was too funny. See? There's a reason you don't have such "fancy" food back in the "ville. Take her for everything she's got - except the dates. Ann

  5. I REALLY thought that was your "ashed up" picture of yourself.
    I'm s-l-o-w.
    And you're a HOOT!

  6. got your mojo back! YAY!!! btw...that picture scared the bejesus out of me! YIKES!

    Susan from GA

  7. Okay, this is WAY worse than when I accidentally put salt in her tea instead of sugar!

    You girls. Oh, to be a fly...

  8. well, with friends like that!! That Coop Keeper is a stitch...and so are you!

  9. I think i may just not eat dates ever again.

  10. I'm with JoAnn. Janie, come visit me--I'll show you some thrifting, baby.

  11. Hilarious ! Thanks for letting us laugh at your pain :).

  12. oh. my. Lord.

    hysterical.(but only because your okay) ;)

  13. Im at a loss... so rare for me. Guess I'm no longer so eager to meet the famed chicken whisperer... It *might* be safer if you visit ME!

  14. See now, this is what happens when you get all skinny and gorgeous and start eating healthy! No mold on Oreos to be found!!!!!! LOL !

    Glad you're ok :D


  15. I actually feel like I need to brush my teeth. And maybe shower. And NEVER eat dates.
    Thanks for the smile.


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