Monday, December 3, 2012

Thank you

I want to thank you all for
the kindness you have shown to my family
following the death of Dad.
The cards, the text messages and all the emails
were so touching.
I would love to respond to them all
but it is just overwhelming.
Your love and concern
for us in the passing of Dad
warms my heart.
I cannot tell you how blessed I feel
by the relationships my blog has fostered.

We are all doing well.
Weird as it may seem,
these days feel easier than  our previous months/years.
Watching Alzheimer's ravage our dad's personality,
stealing him away bit by bit was incredibly hard.
We cried many times.
We lost him a little more every day.
Believing in eternal life through the acceptance of Jesus
makes letting him go truly joyful.
We know he is in Heaven,
our true home,
fully healed and rejoicing.
We are counting our blessings
for all the years we had together
and anxiously awaiting
the time when we will be reunited.

Hats off to you Dad...
you left a legacy of love.



  1. What a legacy!
    What great hope we have, thanks to Jesus!

  2. What a wonderful legacy indeed, Janie. Hugs and blessings.

  3. This is how I felt when my Dad that also had Alzheimers passed away. I was happy for him. Sure you miss them but not in the state that they were in.
    (((((HUGS))))) for you and your family.

  4. Bittersweet.

    I love you, Janie. Hug Toots for me.

  5. Sending lots of love your way! He had a great life, his blessings continue every day, lots of hugs for you and the family!

  6. I'm glad to hear you are all doing well. Blessings to you and your family.

  7. What a cutie! Clear to see where you all get your charm and good looks from!

  8. Beautiful posting Janie, beautifully said. It's watching our loved ones decline that the hardest part. Knowing God and how awesome he really is makes it all the easier . . we will see them again. Just know we all have you in our blogland prayers. Sometimes words don't have to be said . . . pictures say it all. Thank you for sharing your Dad with us. xo

  9. I'm sure it is a relief in many ways. I can't imagine how painful that disease would be. I've had a card sitting on my desk for you. I'm so sorry it's not in the mail yet. Just know you cross my mind a lot. Love you friend.

  10. love the photos. you've been on my mind and in my prayers often, so good to see how God is blessing and honoring you all.

  11. Indeed, he did leave a legacy of love. Thank you for sharing your family and your Dad with us. Continued blessings to you and your family.

  12. Dear Janie, I am so sorry...I missed your last post. Everything will be so bittersweet for a while. The priceless memories of love will then take over and carry you through. Please know I am thinking of you and your family...

  13. He sure did! I love all these pictures of your wonderful father. I hope your mom is doing well as I know this is a huge adjustment in her life, but one nevertheless filled with relief and hope. Ann

  14. Well, there are really no words. But having lost three Grandparents to this disease already, I understand the relief that comes in eternal healing. But I sure miss them so, and I know you will too.

    You are my favorite.


  15. Always thankful for the peace a believer has.


  16. Love you, Cousin... sending peaceful and healing thoughts your way. :-)

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  18. can you even imagine dealing with a loss like this without the Hope we have in Jesus?
    i am SO thankful for His comfort and love and peace and joy!
    even in the hard times.
    you are a blessing.

  19. So very Sorry for the loss of your precious father! Praying for peace for all of you! Thankful we have the promise that you will see him again one day!!! Hugs - Nancy

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  21. Hey Janie, Hope you are getting thru this holiday ok. Thinking about you, praying for you too xo

  22. Oh Janie.
    I knew that taking a break from blogging meant I would miss some important moments...
    Selfishly I'd thought about it from only my perspective. Mostly.

    But now I wish I'd known about the passing of your sweet father sooner; so I could have sent my heart out to you right away.

    I've read of your love for him for so long - and I know he lives on here and in you and the rest of your beautiful family.

    Please accept my arms wrapped around you in a virtual hug - late as it is.
    I hope you're all finding peace (little by little) and that his memory brings not only tears but also joy during the holidays.

    Love you, friend.

  23. Oh, Janie, I just found out about the loss of your beloved dad.... I am so sorry for the pain it has caused you and your wonderful family. BUT, what a blessing he has been in your life!! What a dear dear soul! My prayers are with you and your mom.... Thinking of you.... xoxo


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