Monday, August 27, 2012

Use It or Lose It Isn't Helping

I have come to the realization that I am not getting dumb.
I have already "got" dumb.
I have only one explanation... 
my nemesis Dead Estrogen.
I used to be an intelligent person.
I received excellent grades with little or no effort.
I spoke well and I could back it up.
I knew stuff.
I knew where Persia was on the map.
I knew Persia was now called Iran.
I am not sure I could fill in all the states on
a blank U.S. map.
Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut
it is all a blur.
I am forever saying words that sound similar
and mean nothing alike.
Last week, on this blog
I said edition when clearly I meant addition.
I do it all. the. time.
I have jokingly said I have the 
vocabulary of a 4th grader.
In actuality, I have the vocabulary of
a dumb 4th grader.
Last week I was talking to a friend...
yada yada yada
blah blah blah
(a skill I still master)
I was saying " I have a nice camera
but I don't use it much.
I like to be in the action and not the one behind it.
When I am taking pictures, I feel like I am missing the fun.
I need to take someone along to use it for me.
I am just not much of a picture taker."
Picture taker.
Perhaps Janie, you mean photographer.
I have decided when I hire a photographer 
to follow me around to document my life
I need to also hire a public speaker.
I am getting a really smart one too...
one who has a 6th grade vocabulary.
Dumb or not, I'm fancy like that.


  1. I'm going to be tested this week and will apply for the public speaker position. I'm pretty sure I can pass the 6th grade vocabulary test (if I hurry before more of MY estrogen dies). Don't ever expect me to fill in for the photographer though.

  2. Hmmm....I wonder what it means when I understand everything you write without a second thought....

  3. I think you are quite normal. My husband makes up alot of words and we laugh at them. When I have my headaches I talk backwards. He will look at me like I have lost it. Very weird, I know.

  4. I didn't even notice your slip with edition/addition.

    So clearly I have the dumb, too.

    I always knew we were a perfect match.

  5. I saw something somewhere that a study was done and the result came back that every child kills a mother's cognitive function by about 7%. So far, I'm already down 28% and it's just getting worse with all the preschool television programming on the various boob toobs in my house.
    It's almost like Kelly Bundy brain - one fact in, one fact out. In my case, LOTS of facts out and gone forever, not always replaced by anything except crushed pretzels.

  6. I've also said I'm not much of a picture taker. And I meant it!

  7. that is the beginning, next your thoughts will all be rabbit trails.
    down 14 pounds!

  8. I am certain that whenever I diet all I loose are boobs and brain cells.
    And words? I can NEVER remember which word is "way" and which word is "why". And there is no way that I know why this is happening, except perhaps that my dead hormones are to blame. Always blame the dead, I say. As they're not coming back. They took their revenge in dying.

  9. I never used to re-read the emails I type to people, until I turned 50. . . omgosh, my by's are my's my can'ts are don'ts. . .wot. . . I have so many typo's. . . I love you Janie Fox you make me happy, keep on bloggin sista. . . prayers going up for you for making so many of us happy. . . we read, we hear, we smile, we appreciate! xoxo

  10. I use to be the picture taker for my family..I passed the torch. I got tired of seeing life squinting into a little view finder. Much more fun to just enjoy the moment...

  11. Really? Persia is now Iran? I consider myself somewhat informed, but m awful at geography. Lately with the move, my brain is not fuctioning properly. I cannot drive without a GPS, I have no idea where I actually am in California and I'm not quite sure what day it is. Tomorrow I am told we will drive towards the beach. Oh really? I will go along for the ride and absorb nothing except the ultimate destination. Okay, so I have the excuse of being a newbie in a new town. But seriously, I was like this before we moved. I never knew what day of the month it was.... I miss my brain. Ann

  12. Oh my, my post-menopausal brain is so befuddled that I barely recognize myself. Words just disappear from my vocabulary, sentences are not what they used to be, and I don't like it one bit. I used to pride myself on being a quick thinker. Not so much anymore:-(


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