Friday, August 10, 2012

Can I get an amen?

My daughters have accused me 
of being dramatic.
How rude.
On Wednesday as I was getting ready to go somewhere
 I  became increasingly frustrated by the cowlick in my bangs.
After close examination,
I realized the hair was missing.
What the Hello Kitty was going on?
I remembered it had been weird on that side a few days earlier.
This was no cowlick tomfoolery.
This was time to call Bosley Hair Transplants.
Instead I called daughter, Maggie, my stylist.
She said it was not a big deal.
I called daughter, Abbie, my chiropractor.
She claimed it could be hormone changes due
 to weight loss or menopause.
Maggie looked at it and said there is hair
but it is short ..maybe re-growth
or maybe I broke it off.
Neither of them were alarmed
or concerned with my fate.
I called my buddy Jamie.
She knew what needed to be done.
She immediately started sending me images
of wigs for sale on the shopping channels.
Now, that is a kindred spirit.
For years I have said "make sure you marry for love,
because they all end up fat and bald in the end."
Little did I know it would be me that was bald.
Thank you Karma  and Dead Estrogen for that a$$ bite.
After all the dramatics excitement
I sat down at my computer the next morning 
and I read my daily devotion.
It was as follows...


August 9, 2012
Praise God Anyway
Mary Southerland
Today’s Truth
Sing to God, sing praises to His name; Cast up a highway for Him who rides through the deserts; whose name is the Lord, and exult before Him (Psalm 68:4).
Friend to Friend
I love the story of the woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed she had only three hairs on her head. "Well," she said, "I think I'll braid my hair today. She did and she had a wonderful day. The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that she had only two hairs on her head. "Hmm," she said, "I think I'll part my hair down the middle today." She did and she had a great day. The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that she had only one hair on her head. "Well," she said, "today I'm going to wear my hair in a ponytail." So she did and she had a fun day. The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that there wasn't a single hair on her head. "Yes!" she exclaimed, "I don't have to fix my hair today!" Now that’s what I call having a good attitude. Attitude can transform anything and everything – thoughts, habits, and perspectives.  We can literally change our lives by changing the way we think. In Isaiah 26:3 (NLT), we find the promise, “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, whose thoughts are fixed on you.” A mind filled with thoughts fixed on God will produce a heart filled with praise – and girlfriend, praise is a powerful tool in our spiritual arsenal. Praise brings healing to our spirit. When we honestly express our trust in God, then choose to give thanks, healing begins. Praise provides a highway upon which the Father conveys deliverance and blessing. Praise invites God to take up residence in the midst of our messy lives and becomes a free-flowing conduit of God’s very presence and power at work in us. God funnels infinite blessings into a life that praises Him. Stress and anxiety fade as peace floods the heart that is filled with praise.
Now that is God talking to me.
I am cool with my hair situation.
I will use the special shampoo Maggie got me
 and time will tell.
I may get a hormone.
I may go bald.  
I may take to wearing flowers in my hair.
But, no matter what...
I will give thanks for my life and the great blessings I have.
Even if I really do have thinning hair 
I still have Jesus and his salvation
and that beats any head of hair.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—
Ephesians 2:8


  1. Amen. But we're still getting the wigs.

  2. Well! How disconcerting (is that a word?)!
    And how crazy is God over you, sister? To send that word in such a timely manner! (Happened to me just this week, too. He IS amazing!)
    Keep us posted. Well, keep ME posted, anyway.

  3. oh my...I've been missing your posts and this was worth the wait...NOT laughing that you're missing a couple hairs, but because you crack me up... I've always said I wished women looked as good bald as men do!!

  4. First, I think you should put that dang warning label at the top that says "go pee first or else consider yourself warned..."

    I got so tickled.

    1. Because my hair is also thinning and I had the same dramatic episode a few years ago when it started.

    2. Because my family was no help and my friend sent me pictures of fun head wraps instead.

    3. Because that would be just like God to send me that same devotion in the middle of my drama.



  5. I just love you to pieces. Head full of hair, wearing a wig, balder than an eagle: it makes no nevermind.

  6. Love the daily devotion & the story that followed. I can so relate to your plight, having scoured the wig catalogs too. Mind you, I have still have hair on my head, although it's thinning & a bit off colour. No mind..I have so many other things to be happy about & grateful for, just like you. You're a knock out!

  7. Amen . . . ok, what does the wig look like, post a pic, LOL! xox

  8. ;-)
    tell those girls you learned drama from THEIR teenage years. Keep it coming baldy.

  9. you are hilarious.....and real and I love it.
    and you brought it back to truth....I needed to hear the truth this morning. :)
    "stress and anxiety fade as peace floods the heart that is filled with praise."
    has there ever been more truth in one sentence?

  10. Oh my, Janie! I have been agonizing over the same thing the past couple weeks and this morning after your post, I feel suddenly better!

  11. How long has it been since you had blood work done? Thyroid can also mess with your hair. I know from experience. Face it. Between menopause (should be called menogone!), thyroid, high cholesterol, leaky parts we don't have a stinkin' prayer of ever being what we formerly thought of as "normal" again. Working at keeping my sense of humor as the parts fall off this body that's more clunker than Cadilac. Thanks for helping to keep me laughing!

  12. oh girl the fat and bald thing is definitely true. i've definitely fattened a teeny bit since that day 20 years ago and well you've seen my honey. not a hair on that head. it's all good isn't it! love that devotional. man God nailed you didn't he;)

  13. What am I going to do when my hair falls out and I have no daughters to call? I am feeling sorry for myself today. Just ignore me.

  14. One time my mother-in-law started losing her hair and the doctor told her it was stress...which caused her to stress even more, then she lost more was a viscous cycle, I had doubts about that doctor.

    I've been married 24 years, and I've gotten a bit fat, and my honey is a bit bald, glad to know we are right on track.

  15. Amen, and relax it'll grow back. Maybe it's from rapid weight loss?

    I am going down on the scale and it is so exciting!

  16. And I thought I was just imagining my hair was acting freaky. Not losing it, the hair that is, but it sure has a mind of it's own these days which means limp and blah. I have two friends who lost their hair to chemo this year, so that puts it all in perspective just as your devotional did. As one of my friends said, "at least you have hair!" Ann

  17. Ugh. I've been cropping my middle and the top of my head out of pictures ever since I discovered that it could be done. So much easier and less expensive!
    Soon, if I appear in a picture, it will be of my right pinky finger. It's all I've got.

  18. I know someone who has very thick hair except for a certain spot on the crown of her head. She teases the hair a bit then sprays that particular "spot" so that hopefully no one will notice. Don't ask me how I know this. BTW, she doesn't like a windy day. No what I'm sayin'???


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