Saturday, June 23, 2012

Annie Marie is 30

 Annie keeps harassing me
 that she didn't get a birthday blog
on June 10th
dedicated to her fabulousness. 
Both her sisters got blogs about them on their special days.
 I cannot be blamed. 
The first year after I started blogging she had Ollie,
 who had open heart surgery 
the day before her mom's bday. 
Um, way more important news. 
Then this year we had the big "heart anniversary" party 
the day of Annie's birthday. 
Still the girl won't let it go.
She's relentless.
She will beat a topic like a dead horse. 
Daily beat it.
So without further delay, here goes.
She arrived on June 10th...
just a mere three weeks late.
She was supposed to be here on May 17th.
She weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs. 15. oz.
after pooping all over the table.
She spent her early hours looking a lot like John Belushi
but her drained mother thought she was beautiful.
 Blessedly, she morphed into a gorgeous baby in a matter of days.

 (one week old)
She made me a mom for the very first time and
 gave me a bladder that drags in the dirt behind me.
She made our couple-ness into a family.
Unlike Abbie or me( who converses with every face we meet)
and much more like Maggie, 
Annie is a shy one.
She takes a bit to get warmed up.
Once she does, she is a goof 
and usually gets so tickled she cries.

Things seem to come easy to her.
She's one of those girls.
You know the kind that you wanna hate. 
Smart, pretty and good at everything she attempts.
 But nice enough you have to like her.

But best of all,
she cranks out pretty babies. 
A "man pretty" husband helps too.

(pix by jme)
Now she's a mom to three.
Aubrie is 6, Ev is almost 5 and Ollie is 16 mos.
Annie quit her job doing software support
to stay at home with the kids.
After Ollie had her heart surgery and got well,
Annie put her health goals into motion 
and started with Beachbody.

She now has several coaches under her,
coaches multiple teams,
leads a free fit club and
 inspires many to take control of their health.
She is a huge advocator for Down Syndrome awareness.
She is teaching others that love doesn't count chromosomes,
and  Down Syndrome isn't to be feared.
Instead, it is a blessing. 
Annie knows Ollie can do anything 
she sets her mind to do.
Down Syndrome is just one part of who Ollie is.
She isn't a Down's baby.
She is a baby who happens to have Down Syndrome.
It does not define her. 

Annie makes us proud.
This year our first born turned 30.
Happy belated Annie.
We love you.
 Sometimes beating a dead horse pays off.
Word up.



  1. You neglected to say that since her success at Beachbody she looks like a VERY young Kathie Lee Gifford! Happy Belated Birthday to Annie. (And Janie, there IS help for that dragging bladder!)

  2. Annie's totally gorgeous. I can't believe they let you go 3 weeks over to have her. Of course, they let me go 16 days over to have Cade (my first). He weighed 9'5". They're probably always gonna be gigantic after they've cooked for so long. Anyway, Happy 30's to Annie. My 30's have been so much happier than my 20's. Seems like her 20's have been pretty awesome, so here's to continued happiness.

  3. Law. I need some hormone pills. This made me cry.

    She is quite lovely. I suppose that should not be the least bit surprised about that as, clearly, the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

    Good job Mother Willow!


  4. That was very sweet... Annie sounds like a lovely person... really nice to read... blessings on all of you. :-)

  5. Ahhh what a beautiful baby and adult. She was only a week old, she sure looks ready to conqour the world. Beautiful husband and children as well. ALl heck the whole darn post is beautiful.....cept the bladder part, he he. Happy birthday to your daughter. My oldest turned 40 this how can that be, I still feel 40......except for the aches and pains.

  6. Well, she IS very persistent too, that's why is the huge success she is! Had to laugh about the bladder dragging on the ground, is that not the truth???! Annie is such a wonderful mom and person. I am always amazed at all she juggles with the three kids and running her various businesses and awareness drives. They always say the first born works the hardest and she is a testament to that. Hope they bring you some bling from Sin City. Ann

  7. She is beautiful, and I know you're proud of her. Happy birthday, Annie!

  8. Yay! Happy Birthday, Annie!!! Even if we are a little late! Such a good mama you are, too. Great post!

    Hope all is well in the Southern part of my state. Its been a busy summer so I haven't been reading the blogs like I normally do! ;o)


  9. How sweet!! Happy Belated Annie!!

  10. Miss Annie- hope you realize what a wonderful family you have been blessed with! Janie- sure wish I was your daughter :)


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