Thursday, May 24, 2012

A long and rambling road to an event announcement.

Well, they did it.
They infected me.
Elle Pea, Maggie,
Caroline, and Abbie
had the bug and gave it to me.
I reckon it is true because I am up in the night.
I feel crummy.
I need a rag.
I think I may have a grape stuck in my craw. 
That's unlikely since I have had 
nary a single grape
in months.
I wonder why...
fruit is my new dessert-y love.
I like a nice bunch of grapes.
I love them frozen.
Oh, and frozen sliced bananas are fantastic...
I partake frozen blueberries
almost nightly.
They are my dessert of choice.
Another plus, when I am finished I look
like I should be on a slab with a toe tag.
My lips are blue and my teeth look
like I am a meth head.
I have to brush immediately.
Which makes me wonder does wine do that?
Or just blueberry wine?
I am not a fan of wine.
Whine, yes. 
Wine, no.
But, I was talking about my tonsils.
The left one is throwing a party.
She is swollen and all gussied up with blush.
Tonsils are one of those organs you don't need.
What is their purpose?
I am far too tired and sickly to google it.
Would you be a dear?
And while you are up...
 grab me some frozen grapes.
In case you were wondering,
 there is a  purpose for this post
I want to invite you to an event.
If you are local-ish
 Ethel Edith - Junk, Funk, & Furniture is having a 
 This Saturday 8-12 at 114 West North 8th Street. 
 A portion of all the items sold will be donated to Ollie's team for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis 
in Ollie's  name. 
We will also be having a HUGE donation type garage sale going on Friday 4-6:30 and Saturday 8-12 at the same time.
It is going to be a great time.
We have tons of super stuff.
I have cleaned my closet 
and piled up my purses.
Word on the street is my cousin, Tom
may be in the vicinity.
Tom recently called me 
one of his " better looking cousins" 
which has earned him top standing in the cousin rank.
The other 55-56, I can't be sure 
and can't care to count right now,
had better step up their games.

 Tom and his family 
are coming to our neck of the woods
to see his folks.
He may be persuaded to stop in.
He may give autographs.
He may bring me a rag.
He may "Vicks" my neck. 
Or most likely, he will be busy.
But I will be there with my other peeps.
I'll be the disheveled one with the rag,
reeking of Vicks mentholatum,
 and Purel-ing up.
See ya there. 


  1. oh are "sick-a-bed". (my uncle ernie's term )sorry to hear this.

  2. Pssssssst. Maybe you shouldn't have told everyone how sick you are! And that you plan to show up for the show. And that it is (apparently) contagious. That may not work for you (or the sale). But then again.....Vicks IS a miracle worker.

    And for an autograph of your cousin Tom, there's probably not much that could keep people away.

    Get well quick!

  3. You are officially my laugh therapist.

    No pressure. I just hope you can keep it up.

    Every cloth in my house is a rag. Amen.

    I wish I loved closer. I'd come to the sale. You'd never get rid of me.


  4. This is going to sound crazy, but I swear it works! Cut an onion in half and put it in your bedroom tonight when you go to bed. I did that a few months ago; I could've sworn I had strep, but woke up the next day without a sore throat! I read somewhere that if you do that, the onion will absorb all of the bad germs. I KNOW it sounds really weird!

  5. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! Frozen grapes are one of my favorites, too. Enjoy this weekend and make lots of moolah to donate!

  6. Sorry the Octopus took your rag.

  7. I love frozen grapes. And pressed grapes. Yes, I do wine n whine. Wanna shop your shed soooo bad. But then I'd hafta clear space in mine... Better to walk for Ollie. I'll be there in spirit. Feel better fast!


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