Sunday, May 13, 2012


Saturday we had a Mother's Day luncheon
 with my mom
at her assisted living home.

 Mom's bottle tree


Maggie and Elle Pea (Penelope)

Yertle the Turtle-neck and Ollie

Abbie (with baby Clifford on board)

Linda with Adrienne, Ashley, and grand daughter Lydia

Jackie and Ollie 

It was nice. 
I asked my sister, Jackie
to take pictures of me, mom and my girls.
It is obvious we are twins.
She sucks as bad as worse than I do 
in the photographer department.

Proof positive...

I love the shot of Aubrie and Mom.
Really good job Jackie...
but where is Penelope?

It was overcast but bright.
I am a blinker but I tried really hard 
to keep my eyes open. 
I am as bad a photo subject as 
I am a photographer. 
Apparently, with the exception of Annie,
it runs in the family.
Exhibit A

 Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

God help us.
Dern it Caroline,
we about had it.

Exhibit E

Well, you get the picture.
Poor as it may be.


  1. Y'all might be blinkers, but you're hotties. Maggie looks most like you. I'm sticking to it. You look great, btw!

  2. Who was lookin' at you?!? (I had my eyes on the bottle tree!)
    The one of Caroline was really sweet...
    No, seriously, that last one isn't bad at all--and your eyes were open WAY more times than mine would have been.
    Looks like you had a fine afternoon to be outdoors.
    Today I go to Chicago to see our 11th g'baby, Silas (still in hospital fighting a bad virus). My sis is going to travel with me. I'm looking forward to some sista time.

  3. You look mah-velous! What a bunch of lovely ladies and kiddos. So sweet ;-)

  4. i love how your famiily values each other. it makes me miss my folks so much. your daughter dyed her hair! wowza. funny how i know that;) you look incredible sweet friend. so so proud of all your hard work. inspirational!!

  5. You gals are all so bright, pretty, happy, gorgeous, and beautiful! Happy Mother's Day. sandie

  6. I love the pictures. I know how hard that is to get everyone just right.....impossible. Beautiful family and you girl, I almost didn't recognise you. You have really lost weight and you look great.

  7. The love you all have for each other is such a wonderful blessing and you look gorgeous, Miss Janie!

  8. Loved your pictures...I would have loved to hear the conversation that was going on in between takes!! You are looking FABULOUS!!! All that hard work is DEFINITELY paying off!!

  9. you crack me up! the pics may not be perfect, but your family is beautiful!

  10. Pictures were great! Your family is so precious!

  11. You guys look like you have so much fun and it really shows. Your lookin pretty good Janie:O) Working out does make us feel better. Good looking family. Blessings xo

  12. Great post,I really like your article

  13. Great pic :) Love the bottle tree too!

  14. You ALL look maaahvelus!!! Love seeing such a bright nonblinking n colorful family!
    Im still too busy n techtarded to get new mac working so sharing 1 usb port n ignoring blogs too much. Your comments on the china showing girlie needing monistat had me "laughing tears down my leg!'


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