Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not my fault but then it is.

The missing book mystery 
has been solved.
Annie came home from a dinner out with her bestie
and it was on her coffee table.
Jade said he found it in the middle of their floor.
What the what??
No one is admitting anything.
I chalk it up to them (Annie and Jade)
 being in cahoots against me.
I have yet found made time to read it.
Title...The Island
Author... Erin Hildebrand
All I could remember was a character named India.
I have been spending lots of time
"re-furb"ing things for my nephew 
who has bought a house and is moving on Saturday.
He is Jackie's son.
He had nothing 
but his bedroom stuff she gave him
 and a TV.
We junked and thrifted.
We have sanded, stained and painted 
a big pile of junk good things.
I have some chair cushions to recover yet.
I should have taken before pictures but I didn't think of it.
I will take pics of the move IF
I remember to take my camera.
Don't count on it.
In other news, I spent two hours yesterday
taking Stella to the vet.
The diagnosis was bladder infection.
 I knew it because there was pee
 on the wood floor in the kitchen
and these girls never have accidents.
They have bladders like tanks. 
I took them outside and tried to retrieve some pee 
in a paper cup for testing.
Failure, as one could imagine.
Dumb plan... but I was a in a hurry.
They were on their way out when I thought of it.
I needed a disposable pie pan.
None up in here..boot camp going on.
She had no fever but they did an x-ray for stones.
She had a stone.
He mentioned a surgery possibly.
I vetoed that. 
She is 13 years old, sleeps 23 hours a day
and has had 2 surgeries on her leg she broke
when Jade and Annie ran over her.
More evidence of their "cohootsion"
( I really should invest in a dictionary)
The surgeries failed to fix it.
I am not putting her through another.
We are treating her with antibiotics and different food.
The food is supposed to help with the formation of stones.
While in the waiting room, 
I visited with a friend
who has a pug 
and has had dogs from different litters 
from the same mother as my pugs.
She told me to do filtered water.
Her pug had the same problem and 
the filtered water ended it.
I gave two doses of the pills to Stella.
This morning I followed the "girls" in the yard.
Surprise... Reta is the one with blood in her urine.
This is the second time Stella has been falsely accused.
Now, I am treating Reta with Stella's pills.
My name is Janie and I am unfit. 
If you want to get to know Reta...
she has her own label in my blog list of topics.
She is that good.
She deserves better.
But, she can't care.


  1. I am glad you can keep a sense of humor in all that is going on and that you got the right girl! sandie

  2. I'm sorry for anyone, ever, to have a bladder infection or UTI. I would rather give birth.

    I love how you love on your family. It's such a ministry. I know your nephew is thankful for your help.

  3. I KNEW there was a reason I'm not a pet owner!
    And PLEASE. Don't forget your camera.
    I won't rest until I see the results of your time, talents, and muscle at your nephew's new digs!

  4. In February when my brain was working I read several of her books. Really liked them. They contributed to my "need" to see the ocean and get to a beach. A few weren't quite as good, or I was weary of her by then. Regardless, yeah for the missing book. Boo for the ill pup, and like the others please remember your camera and share pics of your creativity. I remember yard sales and auctions from my years of Indiana living....they were great. In fact, I don't have a table or "end table" bought brand new.

    How dare you talk like that!!
    I need a margarita after reading the "K.S." words.

  6. So glad your book was found!
    We had a missing library book....forever
    I found it @ my daughters house...
    it had probably been there for maybe a year.
    Sorry to hear about your "puppies".
    Don't you wish they could tell you the problem.
    Have a "Sunny" day!

  7. You love love love your Reta.
    There's nothing better than that.

  8. Our dog had bladder stones. The doctor thought there were a bunch of little ones. Low and behold it was the biggest stone he had ever seen.......it was almost the size of a baseball.....no kidding because I kept that stone for a long time. She did well through the surgery. But, really at 13, I wouldn't put her under for that.
    You are so funny. But so like me......

  9. Thank heavens. I didn't think I was ever going to rest, this side of heaven, not knowing the title of that book.


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