Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I Know For Sure- 22nd Edition

1. Abbie and Zac are having a baby boy. Everett will finally have a  student to teach to pee in the yard.

2. Christina Aguilera desperately needs a and otherwise. Doll hair and granny pants are not cool.

3. I try to live by the rule "Be kinder than necessary". Apparently, I have an exception to the rule when it comes to celebrities.

4. Penelope is crawling and pulling up. Nothing is sacred in her path.
This includes Reta and Stella.

5. Almost every morning I make the Coopkeeper Jayme's turkey sausage(recipe here) and eat it with a piece of fruit. I share a few bites with Reta and Stella.

I really think Reta is slimming down. It could be the sausage or it could be the running from Penelope.

6. I had white doors. I decided to paint them after Annie painted hers . I painted the front door yellow

and the back door green.

I hate them both. I can't care enough to re-paint them though. I am hoping they grow on me. Maybe when I get my flowers planted it will help. 
I painted the front door yellow because I always loved my sister Linda's door when it was yellow. She informed me she has never had a yellow front door. Help me.

7. I cannot get into the Hunger Games. They sound scary and I go with the theory "Nothing scary comes from God." This also applies to the Twilight movies. Annie is a fan of both. She claims Abbie is the headstrong one, hmpff.

8. I am still mourning the break-up of Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli. Just another reason I don't like those Twilight movies.

9.   I  have returned to the nail place twice now and the girl and the chunky man continue to yammer non-stop in Korean/Vietnamese the entire time. I haven't retaliated with Pig Latin yet.
I am learning to live with it. It beats a half hour drive.

10. When Annie and I were getting our pedicures the skinny worker man asked if she was still in High School. She will be 30 in June. Maybe he knows she doesn't listen to her mother.?

11. My dad is adjusting well in the Alzheimer's unit. He is eating well and seems content. I am so relieved. We have a new normal and it is okay.

12.  One of the ladies in Dad's unit held out her arms for me to give her a hug, so I gladly obliged. She then said "get off me" haha  Ouch.

13. Just one day in the trash, cantaloupe guts and a ground turkey wrapping can drive you out of the kitchen. It also causes Maggie to enter and remark "your house smells like poop." Why thank you. (Mmmhmm...she is Annie's sister.)

14. A little bird keeps building a nest in my fern on the back porch and I keep ripping it out. I have been down this path on the front porch and the bird did me no favors. Yuck. 

When I saw the bird was a cardinal  and there were two eggs, I put it back out on the back porch. Maybe the crap will distract from the ugly doors.
Birds 2, Janie 0.

15. This morning I found myself reflecting about my childhood pony, Trixie. Then it occurred to me that after my work-out I smelled like her. Damn you Dead Estrogen.

16. I always said the only way apples were good were in a crust. Now I hanker for a crisp apple...plain.

17. Keep your promises. Always.

18. I have given up the shame of the pajama jeans but not the Genie bra. Where it is concerned, I am shameless.

19. When in doubt, call your mom. My mom doesn't text or "fax" as she likes to say.

20. As of this morning I have lost 25 lbs. Woot woot.


  1. You make my heart happy! :) Thanks for always making me smile, Miss Janie! BIG HUGS!!!!

  2. #2 I think Christina looks better (thinner), lately. A little too fake and Barbie, yes. Just focus on Adam. You'll be aight.

    #6 I really like the yellow door and the front porch, in general. The back door would be more fun if it were lime green. But I wouldn't repaint, either. I wouldn't paint in the first place. So good for you.

    #7 Cade really wants to go. He read the book. Or is it bookS? I'm skeptical, but I figure he's already done the book version.


    #20 WAY TO GO, HOT MAMA!!!

  3. Even though you don't like the Hunger Games and Twilight.

  4. TWENTY-FIVE? I am SO proud of you! I'm down 8. I love your painted doors. Truly I do.
    Enjoyed this post. Better than Oprah.
    xo, Cheryl

  5. I laughed so very hard regarding Linda's "yellow" door. I am so proud of you my Bestie for your lost pounds! Xxxxxxx

  6. WOW - that is impressive !!!!! What I know for sure, is that I love all the things YOU know for sure !


  7. Damn You, Dead Estrogen.

    You have just composed my post-menopausal tattoo, Madame.

    Much obliged.

  8. Hi Janie, Gotta love that porch with the yellow door . . . looks so cozy too:O) Twenty five pounds, ok I'm jealous . . it's bikini time this Summer right? Yeah, who knows what happened to Christina, definitely Barbie material. Have a Happy Friday kiddo! Sandy xo

  9. Great post, Janie! I love that you are fond of things that never were. Twenty-five pounds is like the size of a whole dog. Good for you!

  10. Well, that 25 pound thing has me stuck on it! I'm so "proud" of you, too! (The sausage thing and smelling like a pony and bird mess -- not so intriguing.)

    The lady in the Unit? I can relate. Better than I want to!

    Let's see...what else? Oh, the door thing. I need to do that. I'll give the color selection process a little more time (although I have no problems with your colors).

    Twilight and Hunger Games. I belong to the No-Nothing Party--apparently a minority.

    Don't know why I feel compelled to address every single one of your points! I guess they have a built-in magnetism to 'em.

    Happy Day to you. I'm expecting to hear that we have a new grandbaby today! It sounds like Everett might be part of his name (My grandfather's name was Everett.)

  11. I think your yellow door looks great. 25 pounds? Are you serious? That is amazing, go you! I would take smelling like a pony any day if I could lose 25 pounds.

  12. Congrats on losing 25 lbs!!

    I couldn't get into the Twilight stuff or the Hunger Games...too scary and weird. I have no interest in the movies or the books.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. 25 pounds....woo hoo!!!! That is awesome!! Im on the third Hunger Games book. I've been stuck there for 2 weeks, flew thru the first 2 (totally against my will, but peer pressure suckered me in) the third one just isnt getting it for fact, I quit and read another book, and only came back because I dont have anything else to read at the moment!! Life will go on without trying to figure out the weirdness of it all! I didnt get suckered in with the Twilight books and movies, I think Im still okay for having missed all that. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your skinny self!

  14. Janie, You crack me up!! Thanks for starting my Friday off with a laugh! :o)

  15. Christina needs to put her boobs up once in awhile. 25 pounds? Congrats and I'm jealous. I also love #10 - that must be it.

  16. Such happy news!
    My front door is orange. Steve let the oldest two grandkids paint it. Smart man. It's staying, whether I like it or not (i don't).

  17. Congratulations on the weight loss. It has been forever since I have lost that amount. That is alot.
    Yeah for little Ollie.
    I have never gotten into the Games or Twilight. I guess I don't like to stretch the imagination like that.
    I saw Christina this week with hardly any pants and that was a bit much. Yes, I agree about her hair. She has lost some weight as well.
    I saw a yellow door on a blog or somewhere this week and wondered what it would look like on my door. My colors are a blue and chocloate (milk) shutters and white trim.......and I was thinking of a contrast. Maybe too many colors. When we painted the shutters.....the first attempt they looked like a flesh color. I sent the hubby back for a darker shade. Still wasn't crazy about it. But it was funny the paint got darker with time......maybe the yellow will do the same.....or the sun might fade it.
    Curious, do you like the Genie bra.
    Have a great week-end.

  18. 1. Wooooooo Hoooooooo 25 lbs!

    2. I LOVE the yellow door. DO. NOT. PAINT. OVER.

    3. Be nice to the birds.

    4. Yay for a baby boy! However, I think they are born which the pee in the yard knowledge. Sorry.

    5. Happy Friday!

  19. Yay Janie on the weight loss! 8~)

    I DO NOT want to read or see the hunger games either.

    I am so glad you give us your "random thoughts" and keep us posted. 8~)
    Take care,

  20. LOL at #6, 12 & 13! You're hilarious!
    Yay you~25lbs!!! That is is the revelation about the crisp apple. God help me, I'm having so much trouble giving up the sweets.
    Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see pictures..although I thought you looked prtty good before.

  21. I love all your comments - they are so cute yet so honest. How do you come up with them all? I am agreeing with you with The Hunger Games and Twilight - not interesting to me - they don't feel right.

  22. Janie, you brighten my day! Love the doors...truly. The lady who wanted a hug made me laugh outloud and my kitchen has smelled like that on more than one occasion...ickckckck!!! I just finished my Coopkeeper sausage and I DON'T are much nicer than me. Great job on the 25 pounds!

  23. First congrats on the 25 pounds - I now officially hate you. (you know I kid). Second congrats on second grandson-to-be. Third, I'm just glad Christina lost weight too because I was sick of looking at those "blind audition boobies". Fourth, I like the yellow door against the grey of the house, but I like yellow, so sue me. Fifth, the birds win everytime, give up. Sixth, your Annie is a hot little momma now, but high school? I would say college soph., seventh, so glad your dad is doing well and that old ladies make you get off of them, lastly and eighth, your mom is smart, life is simpler without texting, faxing, FBing, etc. You go girl! Ann

  24. Forgot to say I loooooved Hunger Games, and sequels, not so much Twilight books. That was #9 and my final thought of the day. Ann


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