Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A wedding photographer

Howdy do!
 Just popping in to blather a bit.
The weekend was a blur.
Life seems so cluttered right now.
Farming, yard work,
weeds to pull,
porches to clean,
windows to wash, etc.
But we took off on Thurs. to attend the wedding
of our great-niece and her  handsome beau.
It was beautiful.
It was held in St. Charles, MO 
at the conservatory.
It is small and intimate.
The bride and groom,
Megan and Bobby

 So young and so cute.
And so in love.

 Jade and Annie attended.
Maggie and Kylie did too.
Abbie and Zac had to work.
 I took my usual stellar photos.
 You're welcome.

Ollie and Penelope got to come too.

We flirted before the ceremony.

I took lots of pictures.
Before this post is done,
you will curse that camera. 
Or me.
Or both.

I have no idea what this worker lady
was trying to tell everyone.
I was just hellbent on getting a picture of that ceiling.

Even the stink eye from Jade couldn't deter me.
I was trying to capture it all for you.
 The bride and her parents.
Leah and Shane.
Adorable and adored by me.
The minister had the couple write letters 
about why they wanted to be married.
In Bobby's letter he said
the first time he saw Megan
she was working in the bank.
He thought she was so pretty ,
he went straight to the ATM. haha
Then he asked around about her
to find out who she was
because wanted to ask her out.
When he found out who her dad was,
(her dad is a big guy)
he thought to himself...
I have survived two tours in Afghanistan
only to be killed by Shane Fox.
The whole congregation cracked up at that.

We hung out with our kids
and had a lot of fun.

One of my dearest and funniest
friends and sister-in-law, Jamie was there.
We clowned around and laughed too.
She is stupid in a good way.
She always makes anything fun.

We had a great time with that photo booth.

We wanted to end with a kiss on the cheek
but we were too slow.

The photo booth takes pictures
much the same as me.
Focused and steady.
Suck it Annie Liebovitz.


  1. Wonderful photos! I love the one of you and Ollie. It looks like a fun time :-)

  2. lovely setting,beautiful bride, and what a fun groom story. Seems a good time was had by all, and YOU dahlin' are looking faabulous!!!

  3. Y'all sure do clean up purdy! Hmm, so you like stupid in a good way - that's me and I WILL come visit and curse weeds w/you one day! I think your pics are really sharp (er than mine. I need a new lens. Or talent. Yup, new lens). Tried to comment on the road a few days back but dont think it went through... I'm so happy you are feeling better and impressed that you are following your mean coach's plan during these difficult days. I'd be covered in Hershey wrappers. Broccoli breath beats broccoli toots. Just sayin. Had similar gyno visit while pg with Sarah. Bounced right back(God carried me too) threw out script, but a social worker came into my hospital room to make sure I was a fit mother before I took my baby home! By then I just laughed. That 30Rock quote is perfect! Love to you and your beautiful family.

  4. p.s. your grandbabies are gorgeous! lucky you.

  5. What a well-timed break from all the hard work at home! You ARE a stellar photographer, Janie! You "get" all the good stuff that the professionals miss in their quest for the perfect pictures. The stories behind The Story.

  6. What a fun day! Love the picture of you and Ollie, so sweet, her little chin is adorable. The picture of you and your husband is lovely (and you say you never take a good picture, not true).

  7. I hope that you frame that picture of you and Ollie. That is so beautiful. She is making the same face as you. What a cutie.
    I love all the candid shots. And the photo booth.......I think if I were planning a wedding a photo booth would be numer one on my list. I think it is so much fun.
    I can tell that you have lost some considerable amount of weight. Way to go. I am trying.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful family.

  8. What a pretty place to get married.
    And a sweet story.
    Glad you shared your photos with us. 8~)
    Take care,

  9. Ah, I love a wedding. 'Specially through your eyes.

  10. Oh that looks like so much fun, and those grandbabies stole the show again!

  11. You have encouraged all inspiring photographers - There is an obvious need for professionals!! LOL
    What a beautiful place for a wedding. WOW!

  12. I do believe I need me a dose of Janie. And clowny photo booth. And girl, you've got mad skillz with that camera...ha!

  13. That conservatory is absolutely stunning! What a beautiful place fore a wedding. Looks like you had a great time!

  14. You know, there are blogs that are turning out to be like my favorite tv shows....I have to stay tuned each day (hopefully it's daily!) or I feel like Im missing out on something wonderful and funny. Honestly, there are only a couple, and yours is at the top of my list. You crack me up, I love keeping up with your girls and grand babies (I read their blogs too). Your eyes arent far apart, you're an amazing photographer and you and your girls are all beautiful!! So there.


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