Monday, March 12, 2012

update on Dad

I have not answered emails.
I have so many of you I want to respond to 
but I just haven't had the time.
I appreciated every one.
I printed off all your comments and took them to Mom.
They brought her so much comfort.
We can truly feel your prayers.
The transition has not gone well.
Dad is combative and aggressive.
He is not eating.
After these last hard, hard days
the decision was made to transfer him
to St. Mary's late this afternoon.
They have a senior behavioral clinic.
Psychiatric evaluations are done on geriatric patients.
They are experts at getting the medication right
for the individual patients.
It is something his Alzheimer's unit has done in the past 
with excellent results.
He really has declined since the transition last week.
It has been very difficult to see.
We all feel good about this new evaluation process.
The drugs that are prescribed 
with late stage dementia are not something
 a regular GP deals with daily.
These psychiatrists do.
They assure us they can get Dad
calm, content and eating.
Keep the prayers coming.


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  2. Don't even THINK about needing to email me, Janie. I can only imagine how much toll this is taking on all of you.

    Your precious mother! I just want to sit and hold her hand; sing to her her, walk in the sunshine with her. Assure her of my prayers and the Father's care for her during this dark, dark hour. (I know you're doing all of that.)

    Thanking Him now for knowledgeable specialists and meds. What a wise decision. All IS well. All WILL be well.

  3. I cannot even begin to imagine what you and your family are going through. I pray the medicine works and you can all breathe a little easier.

  4. It is interesting how you are dealing with some of the same things I have in the last week considering the different diagnosis. We have had to deal with med changes as well. Tricky stuff for sure. I am hopeful they will be able to make changes that will improve your dad's quality of life and bring peace to him and the rest of the family. Prayers.....

  5. Aww my sorry for all you are going through! Just know you are loved and being lifted in prayer. Remember this is only a season! May God bless you and your family tremendously today!! Love ya girl!

  6. So sorry Janie. You ARE making the right decisions. Don't worry about responding to us, we know these hard places in life take all your emotional energy just to function. You are doing the necessary things. I appreciate the update and will direct prayers that direction. Give your sweet momma a hug from me, take a deep breath,and keep on living one minute at a time.

  7. Janie...Sending Prayers & Hugs your way.
    I am so thankful that Jesus knows our every need.
    I was just saying the other day...
    I can't make it through the day without Jesus...
    He is holding my hand...
    Or carrying me.

  8. Hi Janie, Definitely we'll keep you and your family in prayer. Hang in there kiddo and stay close to the word. God Bless, Sandy xox

  9. Sending you prayers, strength, peace.
    Whatever you need.

  10. Janie, you just keep being there for your parents and soak up the love and prayers sent your way.

  11. I'm so sorry your dad is having such a hard time adjusting and for the strain it's putting on you and your family. Trust in the doctors and, of course, in God. Blessings.

  12. Janie, we are praying for your whole family. Lots and lots of love.

  13. prayers for you and your family. be strong and take care of yourself, too.

  14. As you deal with your Dad's issues be sure to take time to purposely remember him as strong, healthy, and well. These are the memories you will want to nurture, rather than this time of illness. It's hard not to let this time of illness linger in your mind, but it can be done. I love to remember my Dad when he was vital, not in the grip of Alz...I know how badly this hurts you, Janie. Hang tough - this is a long road.

  15. My heart and prayers are with you, your Mom and Dad. It's an awful disease but he is a great man and you must not be drawn down by the nasty symptoms. The Lord always prevails and always loves.

  16. Janie ~
    Sorry to read about your Father. Just in case this is something the staff hadn't mentioned.... could the transition and all of the changes prompted "Sundowner's syndrome"? I am NOT a medical technician of any kind. My Father had this syndrome after an awful medical dilemma.. so I'm just throwing it out there. Just in case you Dad doesn't need a big change (i.e. meds, different housing,etc). It did eventually clear up, and my Father was back to his old self. Hoping your family will have this same luck! Shari

  17. Sooo glad to hear he is having a hospital evaluation done. Medication really helped my mom's combativeness. And by helped I mean eliminated it.
    Praying for all of you.


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