Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I Know For Sure-20th Edition

1. When making a food log of a meal you named "soup and turkey", the ingredients shouldn't be soup and chicken. 

2. Working your triceps so hard you cannot lift your hand to your mouth pain-free is a two-fold win.

3. I have red nails for Valentine's Day. I am not digging them. I am more of a dark brown girl. I don't care if my toes match my fingers but I like my nails to match my liver spots. I am matchy-matchy like that.

4. Turning off a ceiling fan leads to housework.

5. I watched Downton Abbey and was speaking in an English accent. Cheerio to that. Now after watching Swamp People I am talking like I have no teeth.

6. I have added new catch phrases to my vocabulary like "it's the berries", "I can't care", and "I vow and declare". I am now adding "Lo and behold" to my repertoire. 

7. I am praying for Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbie Christina.

8. I watched Dolphin Tale with Aubrie. She loved it. I swooned over Harry Connick, Jr.

9. I had no idea Greek yogurt was so much better than American yogurt. It is the Zeus of yogurts.

10.George Clooney gets better with age. Brad Pitt does not.

11. They don't give out medals for childbirth, but they should.

12. I must make time to blog because I love it so.

13. This Hallmark commercial makes me cry every. single. time.

14. My favorite coffee for home brewing or my Keurig is Starbuck's Pike's Place. Trust me.

15. I work in the coffee cafe at our very large church and we serve Pike's Place. Seriously, trust me.

16.. I am incorporating coconut oil into my diet. Research shows it helps with Alzheimer's and the prevention of the disease.

17. Snow is predicted Monday night just as my tulips and daffodils have a 6" standing. I can't care.

18. Abbie had a patient come in and say "Wow, you look just like a girl I used to know. Her name was Janie Adkins." Abbie said "well, she is my mom." In this case, Mom jeans genes are cool.

19. Lo and behold, coming up with 20 of these just keeps happening.

20. If I have nothing to say, I vow and declare to say it to you.


  1. coconut oil, huh? Dementia runs on both sides of my tree. Maybe I need to add it to mine.

  2. Yeah, my eyebrows went up at "coconut oil," too. Adding it to my diet. Sending some to my mama. My poor gramma...

  3. me too - coconut oil. i am so there. thanks!

  4. "Lo and behold" has been a staple in my vocabulary since childhood, however you outshine me in the Know Your Celebrity department.

    I'm checking out the coconut oil today. Another blogger uses it in her homemade deodorant! That's right! Homemade Deodorant. That stuff is the berries!

    I made the coffee this morning (hubby usually does). It's just not up to his "par". I think it was in the measuring that I fell short. (We're good with Folgers Gourmet dark roast.)

    My triceps are just recovering from carrying heavy suitcases down l-o-n-g airport corridors 2 weeks ago! I AM seriously restricting my caloric intake. I feel better already.

    (Note to self: "OK, Rebecca. This is NOT a competition.")

    Have a great week, my friend. Be strong. Be well.

  5. I love Greek yogurt, coffee and George Clooney (but not in that order)

  6. As long as there is coffee, there will always be something worth blogging about. Love these lists.

  7. You're just plain clever. Keep up the work with making those triceps burn. You are getting lean my friend.

  8. You have talked about that commercial, but I have yet to receive that sweet card. Thanks mom. Lo and behold Abbie probably got it!

  9. Lo and behold, you crack me up today!
    But maybe I shouldn't use words like "but", and "behold" and "crack" in the same

  10. "I can't care" is my favorite. Fage greek yogurt is the best. I can't have dairy now and this is the one food I miss the most. I mix coconut oil and almond butter together and dip apples in it. I put the coconut oil (about a tablespoon) in the freezer for a minute first so it doesn't melt in the almond butter and seem so greasy. I don't know if you could have this on your diet because even though both are good fats, it is probably very fattening. Also, please remember that not all coconut oil brands are the same. Some taste really bad and some are wonderful. I like Garden of Life. It is all expensive but worth it. If you want to incorporate coconut oil into your diet go check out "The Spunky Coconut Blog." I visit there all the time and she is a genius with recipes using coconut oil.


  11. Oh...Janie
    LOVE reading your know...just love reading your drink lots of coffee and keep blogging!
    BTW...coconut "oil" more the constancy of Crisco(its solid)...and what I buy doesn't really have a strong smell or taste.
    Take care,

  12. I vow and declare, you crack me up!

  13. I have been told that coconut oil is also good for the metabolism. I love Greek yogurt almost as much as I love George (at least he shaves and dresses nicely, unlike Brad) Clooney. The triceps will get better - I remember not being able to dry my hair because my triceps hurt so much. Ann

  14. I love your What I Know for Sure posts. Also that your nail polish should match your liver spots.

  15. You are funny......your posts are always fun to read. Even the serious ones.

  16. Harry Connick, Jr. & George Clooney: {{sigh}}
    Downton Abbey will do that to you!

  17. You make me smile every time :O) Happy Valentine's Day Janie . . .

  18. Hey that was really cute. Happy Valentine's Day. sandie♥

  19. HOW i MISSED you!!
    I don't even know how your brain works that way
    what a hoot!
    OH my..I am laughing
    going to try and work a plan on how to visit all my
    friends! and balancing all of this craziness..good but consuming
    My daughter is coming to work for me part time which I think will
    be a tremendous help! now I can have no excuse not to cook or clean
    Coconut oil is good for all kinds of things...
    we are downton abby fans here too
    love ya

  20. I must say that the :nails matching liver spots" made me choke on my coffee...not Pike's Place, however..need to look into that one. George Clooney and Hary Connick...Agreed!

  21. Love this. Love you. I know you have a true and beautiful spirit. I read your post about winning your diet contest and I thought "give it away?" I would want a pair of Gringo boots. Sue me. One pair. $500. out of $5,000. isn't a lot. But $500. out of my budget right now is a lot. So, no Gringos. And I won't die. The last three NEW pair of shoes were from Vintage Vogue (Goodwill) All under $10. each. xo, Cheryl (who is amazing)

  22. I always thought Greek yogurt was better.


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