Friday, February 3, 2012

Band and fan clubs

First things first...
I am not sick.
I am perfectly fine.
It had to be a combination of 
cat exposure and dust 
from my friend's kitchen re-do.
Hello my name is Janie
and I am an alarmist.
Yesterday I was at the assisted living facility
with the folks.
A while back I posted about 
an area kitchen band that came to entertain.
Since then the folks at Holly Brook 
where my parents live
have started their own.
They are not planning to tour or play for others...
they are doing it for fun.
Yesterday I was there for band practice
to keep Dad entertained
while Mom participates.
I, as usual, left my camera home.
But I had my BlackBerry.
The ladies were rocking. 
(Mom is in the pink)
 Dad normally is annoyed by the band
but yesterday, he played the whole time and had fun.
He even played when the music stopped.
No one cared.
They do it for fun.
Even a couple of the workers joined in.

The ladies asked me where my husband was.
I said "Oh, he is building a barn."
They meant Linda's husband.
They said "Oh, we were thinking of your other sister's husband."
They said "he is really good at band."
"He gets into it" 
I think they get into him...

Good looking and talented.
Oh, the injustice.
David, the next practice you are up.
Your fans await.


  1. How cute is that? My mother-in-law is in a supportive living complex, and there is a 94 year old woman who you would swear was 64 - she plays the accordion every night at dinner. I think it is so cool!


  2. Oh, me thinks the "ladies" have some crushing going on. You know how it is with those guys in the band... You need to work some cowbell, girl! Ann

  3. nice post thanks for sharing...blessings...

  4. That's really sweet that they play for them. Love it.


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