Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ah freaking choo

In Mondays blog 
I referred to my sister and I
as a threat to the Kardashian sisters' fame.
Today 2 of my blog friends
Suzette, and Jayme
gave me a shout out.
Clearly, I wasn't wrong.
I am all that and a bag of chips.
Obviously, Linda is riding my coattails.
In breaking news, 
I fear I am getting sick.
My throat hurts.
How can this be?
I was just sick with a cold.
I am hoping it is just an allergic reaction
from my friends' multiple cats
in my personal space during her kitchen re-do.
Yesterday was a long day there.
Soon she will post pics and
I will link y'all to her blog.
But getting back to the important ear hurts.
Is that an occurrence with allergies?
Or, is it because I keep sticking my finger
in it, to see if it is sore?
It looks like tonight I will
be greasing up the old hooves
with Vicks Vapor Rub
and socking up. 
I hope I am not ill, 
I had 4 littles here today.
I am ashamed to say
I may have slobbered over kissed most of them.
They are like chips...
you can't just have one.
Speaking of chips and I have twice now...
next week I am starting 
The Coop Keeper's Boot Camp.
I am starting to freak a bit.
I have several Last Suppers in store.
I have reading to do.
I have menus to plan.
And I have a new wardrobe to plan.
Hells yeah.


  1. The hooves in the vapor rub....oh, you crack me up.

  2. I don't know what it is about your and the Coopster that makes me hang on your every word.

    But, law.

    Pure drivel- and I love it.

    I let Coopy know that I love thee.

    So she'd know.

    Bootcamp? My muscles hurt for you.

    I get the ear ache from my allergies too. Due to the fact that I sleep on my right side and everything drains down that way and then the next day my ear hurts.

    Lather your hooves up.


  3. bring on the vicks! it was my momma's wonder drug remember. even though there are some things even vicks cannot cure, i pray it's wonderful for you.

  4. It is possible for sinuses to drain into your ear canals, causing swelling..thus the ear ache. OR it could be you sticking your finger in it. One never knows. :)
    Hope you feel better!!!

    Hope you aren't getting sick!
    I admire you (and the coop keeper) for doing boot camp! We are behind you all the way.
    xo, Cheryl

  6. yesterday i ate gobs of dessert because i'm giving it up for the month of february. : ) so, best wishes to you and your boot camp ventures. go girl, go!

  7. Oh dang Janie I hope you are not catching a cold! Hope after the hoof-vicks treatment you will be good as new!

  8. Princess has had a bad sinus/cold. She was sick a couple of days then fine a couple of days then totally relapsed again. Hate that nasty stuff. Course I realize this is all about YOU, not Princess. Sure hope the Vicks Hooves work for YOU!!

  9. Oh, God bless you, Janie, in boot camp. I pray you meet your weight-loss goals in the healthiest possible way and time frame.

  10. Wow... you are hard core for embarking on the Coop's workout regime. I think I'd stroke out... my coronary arteries might close up shop. Kudos to you! :)

    I saw you followed me on twitter, lol... you really should TWEET J.Fox. You are quite witty. Tweeting is the spice of life. hehe.

  11. oh girl feel better. i think our fergie is sick too. she keeps having those scary inverted sneezes. she gets so freaked out she runs and jumps in my lap shaking.

  12. I hope you aren't getting sick...sending healthy thoughts your way! Good for you regarding the Boot Camp...I was a bit too scared to join...and that makes me sad. Grrrr... Good luck!

  13. Listen, you were absolutely right about giving those Kardashians a run for their (substantial) money. Just think if you indulge in a few "last suppers" you will have "Kardashian Bootay". Good for you and I hope you aren't sick. Ann

  14. You're boot camping too? Have mercy! I'm waiting for that exercise-will-help-me-sleep-better-at-night thing to start kicking in. Or else I'm going to start sticking my finger in my ear.

    Please stop being sick.

  15. Oh my goodness - you just were sick - no more being sick - give it to someone else (not me). sandie

  16. OhmyLord... it was already funny, but that "sticking your finger in your ear to see if it's sore" thing - goshdarnit - mine is sore for that exact reason ;)

    Feel mucho better mucho quick!


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