Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Lunch Bunch

Mondays are one of my days with Mom and Dad.
Last week they wanted to eat lunch out.
We decided on a truck stop/cafe
called the Rosebud
that they like to haunt.
I suggested we call some relatives and make it a party.
We did and it was.
Since that was successful,
I suggested it be a weekly ritual,
weather permitting.
So today we met up again.
I brought my trusty camera.
My trend of leaving it at home... squelched.
Some of the original posse came and some could not.
Some were added and we hope many more 
will join us on this weekly jaunt.
Dad is one of 14 kids.
12 are still living.
Dad is # 4 at 92 y/o.
One of Dad's younger brothers...Uncle Roy
Uncle Roy is the #7 out of the 14 kids.

He and his wife Genevieve

I swear they were not as scared as they look.
Also in attendance was
Dad's youngest sister and her husband...
Aunt Betty and Uncle Jim

Yes, she is as fun and happy as she looks.
She is #14 in the sibling line-up. 
She was born when Grandma was 47!!
Mom and Dad were married when she was born.
They didn't know Grandma was pregnant.
Dad came home and said "Mama had a baby today!"

Mom and Dad.
Yeah, Dad gets all gangsta 
when it comes to lunching.

I have mad photography skillz, no?

My cousin Art... his mom was #2 in the sibling count.
My brother-in-law David (Linda's husband) on the left
and my Uncle Jimmy, # 12 in the count.
and then finally, my sister Linda and I
in all our beauty.

Eat your hearts out Kardashian sisters.
 It was a good day.
Lunch, then home for Bingo.
Dad's new medicine has helped 
with his aggression problem.
His confusion remains but things are much better.
For now we are grateful for the good days we have.
Oh, and guess who are the poster children
for the assisted living home in all the local papers...
Toots and Howard.

They may/may not be the rockstars 
of Holly Brook.
We like to say they are.
I mean you have seen their daughters, right?
So family...
next Monday 11:30 at the Rosebud.
Be there or be square.
(Autographs will be available.)


  1. I love that you are getting together with the siblings.....Thats what life is supposed to be

  2. This is such a STITCH! I really like Roy & Genevieve. That is SO classic.
    Do your parents get a free month at the Villas in exchange for their fine appearance
    in the advertisement?

  3. Okay, so many comments. One, any place called The Rosebud and I am in. I suspect I would fit right in as I whipped out my awesome new hankies to dab my eyes because I would be laughing so hard at the Kardashian sisters. And can I just say, I love your use of the word, Booyah. You are the berries, Miss Janie...the sweetest of all berries!

  4. This made me so happy for you! I wish I lived closer and I could join in on the partay. Xxxxxxxxx to you my bestie!

  5. Great you have so much family close at hand.
    Great way to begin the week.

  6. Actually those are great pics. Especially like the Kardashian one...hmmmm who cut off you and your sis ' chins?

  7. If I randomly show up can you call me #15?

    My Dad's family does this once a month. All of the "cousins" since all of the aunts and uncles have died. Dad makes it about three times a year.
    I've never been. They call me five minutes before each time and ask me if I'm coming. It's a two hour drive.

  8. I think this is sooooooooooo cool! What a nice big family you have there. Wish I had it. Have fun! sandie

  9. Lucky, lucky, lucky girl you are! Count your blessings and your days with your dad and mom..enjoy!

  10. you hot mama, you! your uncle roy's non-smiles made me smile. my honey's grandma is the SAME way with pictures. : )

  11. fun fun fun!! love the pics and Uncle Roy is so cute. Your parents are quite the dashing couple....very classy. I know where you get it now.
    will pencil in the rosebud for next week.
    I wish.

  12. Don't be surprised if a certain Floridian shows up for your lunch bunch one day! I wanna be in your family! Now that your parents are "published" I suppose you as daughter will go diva on all of us. Oh wait you already did with your Kardashian pic! Happy that your dad is doing better. Ann

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  14. I would love, love, love to come for lunch with your family...I have a feeling it would be a good time. How does it feel to be the daughter of celebrities? I hope they don't go all "Paris Hilton" on you.

  15. Your photography skills are perfectly fabulous. These get togethers with family will most definately garner great memories fo-evah!

  16. My God....they've gone Hollywood. Your Dad is truly all that embodies "Gangsta" Senior living. He is rocking that hat, Sister!

    Glad you had a happy day!

    Big Hugs...


  17. This just did me SO much good. SO much. But I still do need to see the skirt.

  18. Hi Janie, You have a beautiful family . . . Aunt Betty and Uncle Jim are a couple of cuties:O) It always fun being with family. As my family gets older . . . they get funnier, literally. So you got a couple of celebrities in your family :O)

  19. Fourteen kids?! Now that's a big family!

  20. All I can say just--how wonderful for you--how fortunate you are to have your parents still--even with confusion! I lost my dad when I was 21--41 years ago. I just lost Mama last March--and the "missing" is huge! We only have one Mama and Daddy--I love how you honor yours.

  21. Am I sensin a new reality show? Hope so- your family would so win a ratings war!!!


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