Monday, January 16, 2012

Trailer Park Tale

This story needs a bit of a preface.
I have shared with a few of you
that Stuart and I own a trailer park in town.
We rent lots and have some rentals too.
Most of the rental homes have been 
taken over by our girls.
I don't cotton to being a landlady very well.
You would think after 20+ years
I would have adjusted.
I have a hard time being a gripe.
I always want to believe the excuses/reasons
whatever you want to call them
why someone can't/won't pay.
I had a hard time reconciling it with my faith.
Then a wise friend said to me...
Is this your ministry or your business?
Ok, she was right.
It helped support my family.
I am kind but when I have to be firm,
now I am without guilt.
The night we were out crime fighting
in all our finery...
We had been at Abbie's trailer
(yes, she lives in the park)
and as we were leaving I see an evicted renter
sitting in his car.
I had been unable to reach him 
and he was to have moved 
several days earlier.
I made my comrades stop.
I got out and let him have it.
All while looking like this...
I look serious as a heart attack, huh?
Anyway we have our chat,
and I was revved up.
A few days later he calls me.
We talk about him finally, really getting out.
I give him a few more days to clean it up 
and get all his belongings out.
He needs to finish painting a room 
he started and didn't finish.
I agree because
I didn't want to have to deal with his stuff.
Then, I witness to him.
I tell him all about Jesus.
I want him to know
there is a better life for him.
I tell him that with Jesus
there is no condemnation,
only forgiveness and love.
I stress that his life is not going well.
Maybe he needs to search his heart.
I say ...salvation is easy... 
just say a prayer to Him
that asks Jesus into your heart.
Tell him you believe he died to save you 
and you accept him as your savior.
Confess that you are a sinner.
We all are.
Simple deal there.
Then, you start walking with Him.
He will lead you if you follow.
He tells me he will consider it.
He tells me he loves my blog.
That floored me. 
Well, he moved.
He didn't paint.
He didn't clean up.
He didn't pay.
The home is a huge mess.
There are soft spots in all the floors. 
Trash from the front to the back of the place.
Maggie's sis/brother-in-law lived there previously
and it was fine.
 Now it is trashed.
I don't know when we will get to the repairs.
My husband is super busy
building a house and a barn.
But hey, J, if you are still reading my blog...
I am still praying for you.
I want you to find Jesus waaaay more
than I want your rent money.
If you need a partner to help you
say that prayer,
give you a ride to worship,
or just talk...
you know my number/email.
I forgive you 
and Jesus will too.


  1. Yeah, J. What SHE said! Jesus SERIOUSLY loves you.

    And Janie, I think your friend's words were very wise. Praying for wisdom re. your business (and blessings on your ministry).

  2. There you go, in action. I'll say a prayer for him too. You are answering God's call, Janie. Even if it involves a trailer full of garbage with soft spots in the floor. I'd be happy to come and help you clean it up! We could clean and talk at the same time. We can do that....right?



  3. I will pray for J. And I covet your hat.

  4. Where have you been all my life?
    I wish you were my mom.

    To God be the glory, Great things He hath done!

  5. You got it going on Janie. Jesus is the answer. I'm sorry for the mess but I am praising God for your real life walking and talking testimony. Rock on sister!

  6. You are a true Christian woman. I wish you were my neighbor and friend.

  7. I had not heard this little plot twist. How funny that he reads your blog!

  8. I'll pray for "j" too. We were landlords once upon a time. It's hard.

  9. Wow. What an awesome thing to do/say. You go girl!

  10. Oh Janie, that made me cry.

    His salvation is more important than his rent money. Amen.

    You go girl. I am super proud.


  11. Janie, you are something else. Some kind of love vessel. You know that, don't you?
    xo, Cheryl

  12. Aw, this is sweet. You are such a good person.

  13. It must be hard to do that kind of job - so I admire you - and that you are able to forgive and go on. Leaving it such a mess - so sad. sandie

  14. I'm thinking you need a "meaner" looking hat...seriously you are not a scary enough landlord...but you sound like the nicest one he will ever have. Good luck with the cleanup.

  15. Oh girl that hat fits you! Way to go putting your love glasses on. He reads your blog! How awesome is that?

  16. This made me cry. I don't know very many people who under the same circumstances would be sharing their faith. Thanking God for you. Saying a prayer for J.


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