Thursday, January 5, 2012

Becky comes a calling...

During the holidays
I had a blogger come to visit.
 Becky of Farmgirl paints. 

I was a reader of hers long before 
I ever wrote my first blog.
She is a an artist.
She makes jewelry

she paints in the most wonderful way.
My girls commissioned a painting from her 
of my house, a year ago
and it is one of my most fave things.
I loved reading about her girls,
 her life, and her faith.
She seemed normal and big-hearted.
Her e-mails were always so sweet.
Her parents live near me so
we had always said one day 
we would hug each other's necks.
I wrote her an email and invited her over.
I deleted it.
I figured she is too busy...
her family never gets enough of her...
she won't have time.
Literally in just a few minutes 
I got a message from her
asking if I had time to visit over the holidays!
Then, I was nervous that she was coming.
Would she like me?
Would I like her?
Would we have enough to talk about
  since I am older and in a different stage of life?
Well, that was a waste of thoughts.
She walked in the back door and 
bingo! I loved her.
She is warm, funny, loving and
a bundle of cute adorableness.
A very little bundle.
She is not even a bit chubby 
no matter that she claims 
she needed tarped. haha
She said I looked younger in person...
And I swear she had no alcohol on her breath. 
Who doesn't want to hear that?
We didn't have enough time.
The visit flew by.
She snapped pictures everywhere.
 She really liked my house.
That makes a girl feel good.
She's a camera girl and
her photos are always beautiful.
Although, I gave her a challenge
because I am not photogenic.
It became hilarious trying to get just one good one.
I blink my eyes and I get all self-conscious 
of my chinny-chin-chins.
 My daughter, Maggie actually got the above one
of the two of us that's decent.
I usually look like I just came out of surgery.
More like, a dead chunky Asian man 
who didn't survive the surgery. 
At least my kids like to say that.
They are so sweet.
For me, looking alert is an accomplishment.
Most pictures looked like this...
and believe me there were many, many more..

Don't hate me because I am beautiful.
She inspires me to practice posing (ugh) and
to learn to edit photos.
But truthfully, I can't care.
I am all about the blather 
and very little about the photos.
Like that is a surprise to any of you.
But I am going to try to care.
Go see her blog...
read the nice stuff she said about me.
We had a wonderful time.
I loved her before and now even more so.
She is the berries.
You will love her too.

P.S. Thanks for all the anniversary and blogiversary wishes...
you guys really are the coolest. xoxo


  1. Now, you need to come see ME, Janie. It will take our entire visit to get a decent picture because I have trouble looking "alert", too! (Not to mention the chinny-chin-chin situation.)

  2. Too surreal to see me with you. The thing is girlie you are gorgeous....even with the blinking:). Thank you for all the sweet words. You blessed my heart this morning.

  3. I wasn't are the berries. I have faith that you can be a camera girl too. Just pick it up and make yourself use it. Your life is too fabulous not to capture.

  4. Yay you! What a fun little get together...and your Jesus it wrong to covet that?

  5. Janie how wonderful that you got to spend time with a new blog friend! The pics she took of your house are just beautiful! So glad you had a good time! I think you are both "The Berries"!

  6. HONESTLY...when I read the post on Becky's page, saw the photo..I DID NOT SEE YOUR CHIN(S).
    I see a loving, pretty face. A face I'm looking forward to reading about, since I just found you.
    And I found myself wanting to peek around the corners of your home to see what was there. drat those limiting photos. :)
    have a merry day, chins (ha!) and all.

  7. Oh Janie you are just too funny...what a wonderful thing that you two got together!!!
    I laughed out loud reading this!
    And are so beautiful xo

    Deborah xoxo

  8. Of course she loved you and your awesome house! Who wouldn't? And for the record, that age/stage difference makes no difference in the land of hearts. I buried my best friend almost four years ago, and she was close to 70. I miss that ole gal. She and I had more fun than a barrel of monkeys together. She's my second stop in Heaven, right after Jesus.


  9. What??? Ok, 2 reasons I am upset...(and I am TOTALLY joking, of course!)

    1. Becky beat me to a vist! Haha!
    2. She was sooo close and I didn't know it!? Dang! I could have driven a couple hours south to partake in the fun! Hahaha!

    Seriously, I am so glad you two could meet! You are BOTH such fun! And yes, she is a tiny little thing, isn't she? And cute as could be, too! I am guessing you were two peas in a pod. Isn't the blogworld wonderful! ;o)

    Oh, and I am behind on my reading! Happy Anniversary AND Happy Blogiversary!


  10. Girl! I am THE most unphotogenic (is that a word?)human on the planet. You don't hold a candle to my skill in that dept. My kids say it's cause I won't shut up but I say it's faulty cameras. All of 'em.
    Happy Anniversary by the way. Sorry to be late with it. Your wedding pictures are just like mine. Well...except I didn't marry Stu and I'm not you and get the "picture"!

  11. Chinny chin chins? I have those too! Now they have a name. Seriously? You look adorable and how fun it must have been to have face to face, chin to chin time with another blogger.

  12. You write in such a lovely fun way. I always enjoy..... Becky's pictures of your home are great. I love how you say you're all about the blather... blather on my friend. You are a bright spot!

  13. I wasn't sure if these things on the right side were readable blogs too, but since you suggested to go read farmgirl paints, I did. Loved all the pics of you two and house. Especially loved the music thing she had going on while reading her blog. In your spare time, maybe that would be cool on yours too. Thanks for the fun. Susan Stephens

  14. I hopped over here from Becky's blog. You BOTH are beautiful and inspirational! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  15. Aw, fabulous! I love when blog people you meet in real life are just as awesome as you'd hoped!

  16. How cool is that! I love her blog!! It really is great to see all of the new friendships made in blogville. I love it! So glad that you two finally met~must have been a great time. 2012 off to a really good start!

  17. visiting from becky's... just had to tell you that i love your home and your bravery in regards to paint! i just painted my bedroom a deep dark chocolate brown. love it, though my husband thinks i've lost my sensibilities.
    enjoyed your post-you're too funny. and congrats on your anniversary and blog-versary! :)

  18. Hi Janie, Love all the pics of your house . . . super cute with so much detail. I fell in love with your kitchen. I think its real neat to actually meet other bloggers in person, especially because we share so much with each. Wouldn't trade it for anything, blogging has only made my world bigger. Blessings, Sandy:O)

  19. I adore Becky's blog and have had her paint my sister's house as a gift. What fun you two must have had...must say I am a bit envious, though.

  20. Oh, my lady, I just popped over from Becky`s blog cause your home took my breath away! It is AMAZING.I can`t wait to read more `bout your life...and my dear, we are the same...I am WAY more about the blather...who cares about pictures!

  21. Oh how fun to meet a fellow blogger. I am hoping for just that when Annie, etc comes to Florida this month! Did you ever post the picture she painted of your house? I'm off to look at her blog. Ann

  22. lucky ...She sounds fun and interesting

  23. Does this mean you like her better than me?

  24. yahoo Becky is right you are fun! Love your witty blather. I'll beeeee bbaaackkkkkkkk.
    hee hee

  25. Isn't it lovely meeting a blogging friend, I have been blessed meeting two of mine and Janie you both look great....:-)Hugs

  26. I haven't been over to visit the Farmgirl in some while. Heading over now, after enjoying your blather.

  27. ohmygoodness..I smiled from ear to ear reading all your words..imagining myself feeling SO the same way.
    I can't get over how brave you all are! SO scary!
    I am going to Sibi's Pearls and Grace event in March and will get to meet a few blogging first time!
    I will be asking for!
    anyway - nice to meet you. I have grandbabies too! Can a be a new friend?

  28. dead chunky asian men never looked so good. i'm pretty sure visits to my house would inspire photography, too. except they'd be turned in as evidence to child protective services.

    promptly leaving to visit her blog upon your recommendation...

  29. I loved it when I randomly got the chance to meet Becky too! She's so stinkin sweet. I'm sure you guys had to have a blast :)

  30. So exciting! I love when bloggers meet!! I read her blog too!!

  31. It is SO cool that the two of you got together! I hope to meet more blog friends this year. O.k., gotta go clean my house now. :-)
    xo, Cheryl


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