Thursday, December 29, 2011

Old Wives' Tale?

Well, my mouth has gotten me into trouble.
No, not with the eating of the 
Christmas candy, cookies, dips, etc.
(although there was a bit of that)
but with the kissing of the babes.
I have a nice, fat head cold.
Stuart has it too.
I have vowed not to whine,
but it is hard.
I am as sick as a man.
And that is sick to hear them tell.
Okay, I jest.
I am a bigger complainer
than my husband.
But, that is only because I am sicker.
I am popping Zicam 
and Dayquil/Nyquil
depending on the time of day.
Soon, I will slather my feet
with Vick's Vapor Rub
and hit the sack.
My mom always swore 
that putting it on the bottom of your feet
was necessary because 
lots of glands are in your feet and
it lends to a quick healing.
This advice comes from the woman
who told me not to sit on the ground,
I would get a cold in my ovaries.
In that instance,
I am not sure how or where
you'd apply the Vick's 
or if it would work.
I am pretty sure 
it would heat things up.
As weird as it may sound, 
I do put it on my feet
every time I get sick.
I feel like it might help
and it leaves my heels silky smooth.
That is so important when your nose
looks like Jimmy Durante's.
Takes the focus of your face, you see.
Now, to dig out the sandals.


  1. Oh dear Janie - I hope you feel better - I hate colds! Just makes you feel miserable no two ways about it.

    And Vick's Vapor rub - is supposed to work!

    Feel better.


  2. I always put it on Bella's feet with socks at bedtime when she has a bad cough. Works like a charm! Not sure about catching a cold in the ovaries....I have lot's of questions now.

  3. You made me smile... I DO hope you feel better soon though. I can smell the Vick's from here in Texas! My mamma rubbed it on my chest... made me feel loved! And warm... Get well so you can kiss those babies again and quit passing around the germs!

  4. Hope you get better soon girl!! And your hubby too!!


  5. Oh no...feel better soon! I've heard of that Vick's idea too, hope it works for you. Good luck with your "man cold"

  6. Interesting. Think I'm going to try that next time I have a cold!

  7. My roommate from college, Kirsten, when her stomach was upset always ate a slice of cheese, and then laid down with a magazine on her stomach... which she got from her mother and She swore the combination of the two things worked. :)

  8. ...and for your cold, you can go with the Charles Burrus tried and true method... a hot hot shower and a shot of Wild Turkey.

  9. Yikes ...Everyone is sick..Hope you feel better. The Vicks...just might work

  10. The Vicks on the feet really works, feel better soon....:-)Hugs

  11. Hope your feeling better soon! Always Vicks, but on the chest...a cold in your ovaries???Funny!

  12. If I recall correctly, I once saw Uncle Ev EAT Vicks. I remember this because my Mom said never to do that, LOL.

    Feel better, Mama. I want to come see you soon, OK?



  13. Just when I thought I couldn't laugh any longer (or louder) at you.... I shouldn't laugh at your discomfort, but OH MY!

    And the stories we could tell about Vicks! There ought to be a whole blog dedicated to it! I swear my mother used to put it UP our nostrils. At least that's what I remember. My nose is very sensitive to cold. I have to hold my gloved hand over it when outside in the winter, 'cause breathing in cold air hurts! Sometimes I have to sleep with a pillow over my head, too!


    Guess we won't have to start a Vicks Blog. There's already one here. I don't see anything on it concerning application for ovaries, though...

  15. Hey, my mother used to tell me not to sit on the ground or I'd get a cold in my bladder- lol !

    Feel better sweetie !!!!!

    hugs from jersey,

  16. I am dying over the "cold in your ovaries" and the question of where you'd rub the Vicks...

    Also, Jimmy Durante may have made me wet my pants just a little.


    We who have birthed children sometimes dribble. And we know you can't rub Vicks there to solve the problem.

    Feel better, friend.
    And Happy New Year's to you, too!

  17. Hope you are feeling better soon, Janie!

  18. Feel better Janie! I will have to try that Vicks trick - on my feet, not my ovaries. Ann


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