Thursday, December 15, 2011

Celebrity here

I have been remiss.
I have not really introduced you to
the hottie that resides here.
I know Reta has it going on,
but the real Va Va Voom
is Brenda Bassette.
Miss B.,
B. Dog,
The B.,
or B duh B
as I like to call her. 
She was rescued from filth and poverty
several years ago.
She moved to a college apt. with Abbie
but was discovered by the landlord
so she became "my" dog.
Abbie's apartment was not 
the poverty and filth I am talking about.
Her birthplace was squalor.
Abbie's apartment was 
lovely and glamorous ...
you know, like all college apartments are.
Brenda is unique.
It is like
Brownie met Whitey and said
"Hey let's trade bodies", and then they did.
She got the long end of the stick with the trade.
Sister Dog is ripped.
I wish I had her physique.
Well, with the exception of the short legs.
But her muscle definition
is to die for.

She is timid
but has a bark like she means it.
Stuart is not a B Dog fan.
It could be because she likes to 
leave a big deuce on the barn floor
several times a week.
She is a giver like that.
He needs to look at it
with a positive attitude.
Before Annie became a mom,
she worked as a buyer for farm stores...
Rural King stores.
She bought the pet stuff that was sold 
in all the stores.
She was in charge of pet crates
and they needed a model.
You guessed it.
Brenda the Body
was called in.
I was at one of the stores 
just in the last few weeks.
I was looking for mouse poison
and happened down the pet aisle.
I know, not a pet product
but I couldn't find it
and thought maybe it would be
near horse and cattle stuff.
I looked up and there on the shelf was this.

Six years later,
and she is still the best hound they could find.
Why didn't I get her a contract?
She did it for free.
So now, if you are looking
for a canine model who 
has a killer physique
you will pay.
Her calendar is fairly open for January.
Let me know.


  1. Aww, bless her little heart. I just love dogs.

  2. Too cute . . . we love our pets, don't we? I have two of God's creatures that I love too much and yes we do have an Alpha Dog named Buttons (rot and pit mixed) with long eye lashes that always has to be standing in front of Jackie our lab.

  3. Awww she's a star for sure. Bet that was a surprise to see.

  4. Very sweet baby!! What a star she is!!

    After a really bad week, thank you so much for my nightly smile. xoxoxo

  5. I've tried telling John that was Brenda , and he seriously argued w/me it was too tall for Miss b. She's sitting down for cryin out loud! He's always trying to ruin my dreams of knowing someone famous.

  6. oh Miss B is fab! I wish you had a pic of her doing her butt wiggle and half snarl smile.

  7. When I click over here, no matter what kind of day I am having, you never ever fail to make me smile :) Thank you :)

    Sister dog is ripped...that needs to go down in a blog hall of fame somewhere!! bwahahaha! I am still cracking up!

  8. Soooooo Cute ! What a face.... and what better place to leave "dad" a present than the barn floor ?


  9. So cute and sweet. We love out little pets like children don't we? sandie

  10. You're right, she is a Beauty. (course, not as beautiful as our resident cutie, Mr. Beaudroux Orion (Schnauzer/Jack Rusell). Just sayin. . .

  11. Trudie is pissed. You failed to mention she was the dog sweater model for 2 seasons in the sales ad. That's right 5 states famous.

    and I went clear to china to find a dog crate the right size. They buy containers if em and ship them to RK. They are printed in China just for RK so she's world famous and will prob be on that crate for life.


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