Monday, December 5, 2011

Take time

I love everything about Christmas.
I love the traditions,
the lights,
the decorations.
I adore the shopping...
the giving and the receiving.
I listen to the music even before 
it is acceptable to most.
 I love the family and friend time.
But, I want to remember 
what this season
is really about.
I encourage you to take time
during these hectic weeks 
to really remember.
Get in His word.
Draw close to the One who made it all possible 
with the gift of his son.
The son who was born in the manger and
died on the cross
so that we may have eternal life.
There is no better gift than
the gift of life that He gives.

For God so loved the world 
that he gave his one and only Son, 
that whoever believes in him shall not perish
but have eternal life. 
 John 3:16

Enjoy this holiday season
but take time to worship 
the One who loves you most.

My favorite Christmas song...


310. God's truths
311. music that makes me cry
312. quiet time with God
313. freedom to worship 


  1. I agree completely. :) And I miss you bunches!

    Big Hugs...

    C. A.

  2. I second the motion! And I love that song too! sandie

  3. Amen! So grateful He humbled himself to be born a human in a manger and grateful for Mary's yes!

  4. <3 it! One of my favorites was "It wasn't his son" sung by Trisha Yearwood. An amazing song....

  5. I love this song thanks for sharing.

  6. i need time. this one has been hard for me. hoping i can get on board and slow down.

  7. i love that song. always makes me cry. thank you for the reminders :) I love this season too and i think people don't realize it, but they make the choice to be stressed this time or to focus on the meaning of the season.


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