Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sanford and Son

Today's itinerary
started with a gold mine.
A real gold mine and 
a junker's gold  mine.
There was so much old rust.
I was in Heaven.
Nothing was for sale. 
nada. nothing. 

I was bummed
but I could dream.
Man, oh man, if you love old,
rusty, faded paint
you will agree this place was great.

Twinkle, twinkle I want that star.

You can wash up here
before you get your tetanus shot. 

 You know how I love chairs.
I wanted these.

Point me to the check out.
Not for sale?...
We talked to the owner
Don Robertson.
I like to call him The Don
or Mr. Bigot.
Or I may have said Toothless Wonder
as I walked away,
shaking my head.

He is not my kind of guy,
but the man has some neat stuff.
I know, right?

Suck it, Partridge Family.

There was a donkey and a goat
that I fell in love with.
When I wouldn't give the donkey a treat
he would grab a rope with bells
in his teeth and ring it at me.

 I like a man who knows what he wants.
We finished the day with some retail therapy.
Today, I supported the arts.
Over and over again.
And we did a lot of oohing and aahing
over this.

I just cannot get over the beauty and 
the vastness of it all.
I am having a great time.
No cleaning, no cooking,
and lots of hand holding with my big guy.
It doesn't matter that I didn't get any junk.
I have all I need
when it comes to the good stuff.
Life is straight of the chain, baby.


  1. The natural scenery alone would be worth the trip! But when you throw in Mr. B, the rust, the donkey and goat - now that's a custom-made vacation. Not just ANYone could handle it.

    Sounds like you're leaving the arts in better shape than you found them. That's very philanthropic of you.

    Keep on holding hands. It's good for heart health.

  2. I can't believe that Don let you take his picture! haha

  3. I wanna hear about that Mr. Bigot convo. Oh, the Partridge Family suck it comment...a classic. And life is straight off the chain, ain't it? Even if it is at times a bit rusty. I have no idea what I mean by that, it just seems to go with the theme this morning as I sip cold coffee. Blech.

  4. I would like the Good Year sign if you can talk The Don out of it, please. He doesn't look like he is going to budge though. Beautiful country we have, isn't it? Ann

  5. girl you are a riot. need to be driving that car my direction. although not sure if there are any rusty treasures for sale here. the midwest is where all the goodies are at. can't believe you got a shot of that guy. amazing how he fits right in with all the rusty stuff;)

  6. Janie! Looks like you are having a wondeful time! Love that star and the sinks! The views are amazing. Enjoy your time away with your hubby. I just got home from 10 days with my little grandaughter so I'm trying to catch up with my blogging!
    Leigh Ann

  7. I'm behind on blog reading, but this looks very much like my home state. I lived in Arizona for 27 years before moving to the beautiful Northwest...are you on vacation? If picked the wrong place:) Or maybe- nice to visit, wouldn't want to live there..again!!

  8. Oh my! I like rusty, faded paint but I have no idea how to incorporate it into my house. But I loved your names for the guy and that donkey was too funny!

    Beautiful photos, too!

  9. You are having a great time. Can't say I would have bought anything there either. But the world is sure one big beautiful place.

  10. Is Stu wearing his "you wanna piece of me" beef birthday shirt under the plaid? If he is I wanna give you both a kiss on the mouth b/c it ALWAYS makes me smile when he wears that damn shirt. It's like he's silently daring somebody to let him mop the earth with their a$$, but too much of a gentleman to speak it outloud. Big belly laugh. If he's not wearing that shirt he should be, and let him know the next time I see him the only way I will not rake his eyes and kick his shins is IF he has that shirt on. That's not a bonafide offer that's a chickencrap threat.


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