Monday, November 14, 2011

New York- Part One

In response to the great debate
that took place on facebook and this blog...

 I took a coat.
No worries, I made Karyn carry my coat all through the airport.
She proved herself reliable so I let her carry junk for me the entire trip.
She is on stand-by for groceries this week and Christmas shopping later in the month. 

Day 1.
We left early from in the dark 
to drive to the airport for our flight. 
Jackie was at the wheel since she is infamous
for her driving skillz. (wink)
Ten minutes in I exclaim "Deer!"
Tick tock, tick tock...crickets chirping.
Then she swerved...really extremely swerved.
The deer was standing in a field.
He never moved a hair.
Her reaction was seriously so delayed
if he had moved,
we would have been chasing him.
Then she honked hard amidst our hysterical laughing.
It amused me so much so that throughout the day 
I would just exclaim "Deer!'
for my own enjoyment.
We had a  3 hour delay at the airport. 
Fog backed things up all over the place so we sat and sat. 
They would say we will board in 45 minutes....
only to say we will board in 45 minutes again.
I knew we were in for a great time  though
because the wait was really fun.
Between the time change and the delay
we arrived in NY in the evening.
We checked into the Hilton at Times Square. 
We marveled at the view then 
hit the streets to check it out.
I left my camera in the room, of course.
I blame the deer and Jackie
because I can.

Day 2.
We had a reservation for the 9/11 monument.
We caught the subway and then walked a bit.
The attendant asked if we had our tickets printed out
and we said yes, with no questions on our part.
We waited til our appointed time 
only to learn that our tickets 
were not printed out in the way he meant.
We hot footed it 4 blocks up and back. 
We made it just in time for our reservation.

There are two pools.

Both are surrounded by names of the victims 
who died in the attacks on the Twin Towers.

From Flight 93...Todd Beamer is the one who said "Let's roll!"
A local man who died at the Pentagon.
This building looks like Towers falling.

I loved how the skyline reflected in it.

Items found.
 From there we walked to Battery Park 
and caught the ferry to 
the Statue of Liberty.
Jackie and I dressed alike this day ;)
 Suellen, Karyn, and Jackie
She is huge.
The view of the city.

It was really windy and cold on the island
where the statue is.
We then traveled on to Ellis Island.
Sadly, I thought they were the same.
Others did too.
They shall reamin nameless 
to protect their reputations.
Ellis Island was so interesting.
All the immigrants who passed through
were inspected and approved/denied
access to our country  here.
It was interesting and 
you could imagine the emotions they lived.

 I was glad I took a coat.
Fine, I admit it.
However, I wish I would have worn one 
of the three scarves I took. 
I pulled my coat collar up for most of the day.
Think Bazooka Joe.
My the end of the day
my chin was chafed from that collar.
Then I realized I had a cowl neck on.
I pulled it up over the collar
but only after my chin
was red and hurting.
A  nice look for Fashion Capital.
I highly recommend it if you are looking
for a inexpensive exfoliation
and don't mind a peeling chin days later.
Today, it is peeling and I look hot.
 Jealous much?
Tomorrow I will wow you with more details
from night 2 and Day 3.
For now, I am going on a date with my man.

294. a warm scarf
295. a steaming cup of coffee
296. great friends who make you double-over from laughter 


  1. I have always wanted to go to New York and we are only about 8 hours away, maybe this is my year:) Until then, I shall enjoy your pics.


  2. Bucket list girl. Loved reading about your adventures. You are so funny. I would love to go anywhere with you.

  3. Thanks for the tour!!! I am so jealous, I love New York :-)

  4. Sounds like fun... can't believe you got on the subway - I've lived here my whole life and have never been! Never been to the statue of liberty either or the WTC for that matter. I guess when you're here, you just take it all for granted : /

    Did you notice who's back online ?????

    missed you!

  5. Thanks for taking us with you, Janie!

  6. Lol What a time you had!
    It must have been a blast...yet emotional too.
    Thanks for sharing and hope that sore chin heals up! :)

    Deborah xoxo

  7. And...I live about two and a half hours away and have done none of these things. Except maybe walk around the Fashion Capital looking like a dork. I've been to the Radio City Christmas show a few times, but not Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, or the 9/11 Memorial (and, yes, I thought the first two were the same thing also).

    Looking forward to more picks. Deer!

  8. Janie, thanks for the great tour of the 9/11 memorial - your pictures do it better justice than what I've seen on television. Going to Ellis Island is fascinating. I was able to find my grandparents' names on the archived logs. Glad you had that coat, although I'm sure you could have bought one on the street for $20 if you had too. I heart NYC! Ann

  9. I got to visit NY with my daughter a couple years ago.. it was so moving to take pics of her in the same room that her great great grandparents walked through...brings tears to my eyes...such a sap! Glad you took a coat!

  10. You know when you think about it - New york has one of the oldest histories we have here. Everyone having to go thru Ellis Island and now we are all just one big mix. Sandie


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