Friday, November 4, 2011

What I Know For Sure- 16th Edition

1. An undetected rotten potato can generate more than a few gnats.
2. Just because you clean out the potato bin and lose the potato, does not rid you of gnats.

3. I like checking things off of a "to-do" list.
As for the actually doing of the "to-do" list, I don't like it much.

4. I listen to Christmas music year round. (Don't be hater Ostrich girl)

5. The new season of "Too Fat For Fifteen" is on. I love this show.

6. I am kicking the nail biting relapse's butt.

7. Once in a while I miss my old lover, cake.

8. I really miss my old crutch, Diet Coke.

9. I have a facebook message on my Blackberry that I have tried to remove for a month. I am giving up. I can't care anymore.

10. "I can't care" is my new catch phrase. Thanks Reenie.

11. I have been treating Stella all week for a bladder infection. Today I realized I was treating the wrong dog. Reta is the sick one.
Please don't call PETA. IF you do...give me notice so I am not eating a steak in my leather pants when they come.

12. The joy that the Lord gives will make you strong. I feel strong.

13. My sister Linda and her new IPhone have proven that she is the dumb sister :)

14. A kitchen band came to Mom and Dad's place. We loved it. They played Tiny Bubbles and had a bubble maker. I felt 8 again and like I was at my grandma's house.

15. My phone's camera is not the greatest. And did I mention I cannot get rid of that stupid facebook message that haunts me. My phone is stupid. Maybe I am more like Linda than I thought.

16. I have bought dried oregano twice this week for a recipe that I have yet to make. I don't really like oregano.

17. I love that when I ask you all to pray, you are on it like "Johnnie on the spot".

18. I have never seen the original Footloose. I can't care.

19. You will get sick of my new catch phrase. I assure you because I can't care if you do ;)

20. I keep forgetting to add my year of thankfulness to the bottom of my blog. However, I remember to buy oregano every time I go to the store.

277. two-year old girls who tell long stories without any consonents .
137. looser fitting pants
285. my bff who makes me snort with laughter

Tiny Bubbles... just for you.


  1. Did you get your prayers answered?

    Love the band at your mothers - bet the people did too.

    You are just like hubby on the phone issues.

    I liked this - feels like I got to know you better.


  2. What Christmas music Janie-Janes? I'm a Dean Martin, Johnny Cash girl myself. I'm also a nail biter. I've never successfully overcome.

  3. Is it just me or was the 16th Edition a little tardy in arriving????

    It was WELL worth the wait, I assure you. Since I can't come up with anything better than "I can't care", I think I may adopt it (if you don't mind).

    I'd also like to be a regular subscriber to that "joy of the Lord" kind of strength. Why do I forget that sometimes?

    Too bad about all that oregano. Wonder if you sprinkle some of it around the potato bin if it might get rid of your gnats? It ought to be good for SOMEthing!

  4. Wow that lady playing the washtub-base thingy is awesome. I would love to see that band play. I hope when I go to a retirement home it's a great as the one your parents are in.

  5. Thank you for my TGIF afternoon smile!!

    I love love your lists!! Have a wonderful afternoon. BTW..I was playing Christmas music on the computer when I brought up your blog :)

  6. #11 killed me. Guess you just can't care. :)

  7. No cake AND no Diet Coke?
    I'm not sure we can continue our friendship.
    (and I know you can't care)

  8. First time to stop by your blog and you have me laughing! I LOVE and PLAY Christmas music throughout the year too! ♥ ....and I'm a grandma too and love it!!

    Popped over to meet you after reading your comment over on Becky's blog at Farmgirl Paints.

    It is nice to meet you Janie!

    Lee Ann

  9. I'm with you on number 4 . . . and I need number 12 really bad right now! Blessings, Sandy:O)

  10. I am with Ostrich Girl----no Christmas music until the first day of Advent. # 11 + 13 HA!

  11. thank you for always making me smile...and for wondering about us :)

  12. But did you see the new "Footloose"? For some reason I care if you have... Ann

  13. oh my golly did I laugh at this - now I know why I love you so! I'm so stealing your catch phrase. I reunited with my lover - the cupcake - he's still a no good for nothing. You ain't missing a thing.

  14. I got mentioned on a blog!! Woot!!


  15. Have you ever accidentally let a potato get so rotten it turns liquid? Now that's a smell that'll never leave.

    (If you haven't, then neither have I. Naturally.)

  16. I love kitchen bands, I am a nail biter(since 2)
    I have kicked it several times ...only to relape when stressed. I can't care about Footloose either.
    I love Christmas music, I missed Diet Coke for awhile, but can't stand the taste of it now ( I was a diet coke, 3 a dayer) BTW...I will say a prayer for you whenever needed.... :)

  17. You crack me up, fellow Christmas-music-year-round kindred spirit! Nothing like a smart phone to make most of us look dumb. I can't care--love it!

  18. brother. I just read this. i get behind by what, a DAY and you start talking about Christmas music.

    I see I have to watch you closely.
    Also, I just read todays post. I will go there to comment on your Christmas Explosion in November.

  19. I's so in love w/you. And I can't care if I's not cool. Read 'bout the PETA/wrong dog thing to hubby n nearly peed my pants. Yes, I too am nearing *that* age. Have tried to shove thyroid pills down the wrong dog too many times. Today Wally World won. Their Christmas music made me buy stocking stuffers. Against my will. But I have not removed all Halloween decor. Yet. I can not use my smarter than me phone. I do not love facebook. I like gnats n Tiny Bubbles better. And I super miss cake n diet coke. I have no nails. I may stalk you.


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