Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TV head

I love reading.
I adore television, 
especially in the cooler months.
I did a blog back in February 
about my love for things televised.
I DVR everything.
I am spoiled by this invention 
and now can hardly abide "live" TV.
I will start a show 20 minutes after it airs
just so I won't have to watch commercials.
Bonus point: It keeps me from ordering 
the pajama jeans and Ahh bras. 
Without commercials you can watch an hour show
in about 35 to 40 minutes.
That's the part I really love.
This fall I am glad 
to be welcoming back 
some of my old faves.
Modern Family,
Saturday Night Live,
30 Rock,
Parks and Recreation,
Big Bang Theory,
Harry's Law,
American Restoration,
Auction Kings.
 But I have some new ones
and they surprised me.
Most are dramas 
and that is unusual for me.

1. Revenge
The sets are beautiful. The characters are not.
I am not a grudge holder and I don't condone it.
Forgiveness is where it is at, but this show has got me 
loving the whole "get even" mind-set.

2. Pan Am
The characters aren't as messed up and the plot isn't isn't as gripping as Mad Men, but  I watch the show for the backdrops and the fashion. I want to live in the sets. I want the pencil skirts and the pointy pumps. Add in a little spy action and I am hooked. I am digging it baby.

3. Prime Suspect
Maria Bello is fantastic. I was a Law and Order fan for the first
100 years but then I got over it. I am not much of a cop show girl, but this one has me. The plots are good and her character is the best. Tough but loveable. She lets the camera show her uneven skin and messed up hair. For once you feel better about yourself and your flaws. And you wanna wear a fedora.

4. Up All Night
I am a fan of Christina Applegate from the "Samantha Who" days.
Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett ( Amy Poehler's husband) are fun in it too. The birth episode was ridiculous and hysterical. My favorite is Maya's character though...out of touch, narcissistic and hilarious.

From the looks of this, 
one wonders how I have time to read,
hang with family,friends, and blog.
In a word or three or four...
I thank you.


  1. Hi ...My name is Jayne and I am a tv addict..................Hi Jayne

  2. PARENTHOOD. It's awesome.

    And so are AHH-BRA'S. Seriously.

    Hugs, friend. Thanks for a fun post. :)

  3. OK. That's it. I'm going to google DVR-ing and figure it out once and for all.

  4. I dvr everything too. Commercials? What? I love that you can watch a show in almost half the time! Ok, I keep hearing about this Revenge show - I'm DVR'ing it! Just started watching Modern Family - it's a hoot. My shows are Dexter, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Damages, and that's all I can think of at 5am - I Netflixed them all - heck, then you can watch a whole season in a week or two! : -)

  5. Total DVR fan here too. Love Revenge + Up All Night. My mom was wearing the ahh bra on our trip.

  6. Ahhh, I miss being able to afford cable :-( I haven't had tv in months :-( What is an ahh bra??? :-)

  7. we are tv holics and love our dvr. i'm not listing my shows...too many;) lovin' that revenge show. so bad, but so good!!

  8. Thanks for your DVR lesson and TV tour - we have the DVR - mostly for hubby because he loves TV too - can't say I really watch much - now computers are another story! lol

  9. I love the Big Bang Theory! We stopped watching some of the dramas we used to like! Way too much realistic violence! I would rather laugh!


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