Monday, October 10, 2011

auction lessons

Saturday my posse and I attended the auction
of some grade school friends' parent's estate.
They had four sweet daughters.
The daughters and I all attended 
a small country school 
until 7th grade.
I love when I see these other country kids.
We grew up very much the same.
We have lots of memories with each other.
It was gorgeous weather.
Annie, Ollie, Abbie and niece Ellen
were my fellow bidders.
Once again, my girls bought and fled 
leaving Ellen and I with the 
packing and hauling job.
They owe us.
Girls, can you say gift card? ha
Regardless, it was worth it.
I saw so many people from grade school.
I saw an longtime junking friend I hadn't seen forever.
She moved a few years ago.
We talk on facebook,
but man, it was good to wrap my arms
around her and squeeze tightly. 
It was really a wonderful outing.
We got some good junk.
Mostly, stuff for my girls.
Maggie was doing hair for a wedding but 
I had her back and got her 
a great cabinet for her future pantry.
That's original mustard and green paint.

 Ellen got the cubby and started an ironstone collection
with some fine pieces.
 Abbie scored a great bunch of windows, doors and 
some neat pieces of trim.

 I got a couple of folding benches from my school,
a little table and a pile of beautiful dishes.
 I got 7 school house lights...$21 each.
Yeah baby.
Some of them are huge and from the gymnasium.
I got several at the last auction.
I may have a problem. Hmm.
I definitely have a winter project for Stuart.

Annie got a great counter for her jewelry work.

a galvanized piece to become a  kids book rack,

 metal tool bins and trays,

 and a cool file cabinet for her buddy's photo studio.

Ellen got a surprise on the back of her cubby.
Hello my jelly fish.

And I surprised Abbie with my solution to 

avoiding the porta-potty. HA.

We had lots of laughs and got super stuff.
 One of the daughters 
from this estate sale
said something to us that I loved.
We were talking about
our parents and their homes, 
stuff, collections, etc. and
how home isn't home without them in it.
She said my Grandma used to tell me something
that really puts things in perspective.
"You buy the carton of milk for what's inside.
When the milk is gone, the carton is not important."
 We got great stuff at the sale,
but we more importantly we had a fantastic time.
We reconnected with childhood pals.
We made memories.
We spent time with people we love.
But that being said,
we are still a little ticked-off
that the cool flip-top trash can we bought 
got stolen out of our pile
before we got it loaded.

An investigation has been launched.
Thieves, consider yourselves warned.
We may leave a toilet in your yard. 
Because when you crap on us,
it's how we roll.

P.S. All three daughters are guest posting while I am away. I should probably be scared :)

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  1. Be still - very still - my heart! (If I'd been there, there might have been more than a flip-top trash can stolen! JUST KIDDING!!!)

  2. I'm not a collector having decided to simplify the last few years but it is fun to live vicariously through your purchases! :-). So nice to make memories to cherish!

  3. What a fantastic day! Well, except for the theiving trash can taker. May I just say that the milk carton saying puts EVERyTHING into perspective.Have a great day!

  4. Oh,,,forgot. Have a spectacular time while you are away...can;t wait to hear all about it!

  5. Cool! i love this! I love refinishing or repurposing furniture!

  6. you are a riot!! I love the picture of you sitting on your throne!

    You inspired me and I went to 2 different antique shops today and poked around a little. Have fun with the coop keeper!

  7. I am seriously drooling over some of your loot! Glad you girls had a fabulous time! I am ready for another junkin trip!

  8. Janie, looks like good fun and I love those lights! Ann

  9. I.Want.Your.Stuff.

    I'm having a lot of trouble with the "Thou shalt not covet" commandment. I would so LOVE that pantry!!

  10. BOOM! That pantry oh my! I want to go junking with you.

  11. You girls had way too much fun! I wish I could come hang out with all of you! That pantry is awesome! Great finds!

  12. We bought an OLD farmhouse three years ago. Working wringer washer, enamel top tables, sheds full of schtuff... I asked them to PLEASE leave it all for me to go through.

    Honestly thought they were doing me a favor by renting a dumpster and carting almost all of it away. At least they forgot the jelly cabinet and custom, stainless topped, 6 foot long work cabinet. Waaaa!!!


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