Saturday, October 1, 2011

Get in the Know

Those of you who read me consistantly
already know all about Miss O.

Miss Ollie Faith.
If you don't know the story
there is a whole lot of story telling
in the labels over on the right...just click on Ollie.
She has brought so much joy 
into our family
with her one extra chromosome.

I looove the joy in her face.
I loooove her strength.
I looove what she has brought to our family. 

I loooove that God is so smart.
He knew just the baby we needed.
October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. 
Please jump over to my 
daughter Annie's blog (Ollie's mom)
and see our precious gift.
She is blogging all month long
about Down Syndrome.
Educate yourself and 
help us change the world
about the misconceptions 
of this one litle chromosome.
It should not be feared
but rather celebrated for the blessing it is.

We wouldn't change a thing about our Miss O.

(*the last picture was taken by our friend Jamie of pix by jme.)

10. a good night's sleep
28.a sensitive husband
154. a fresh fruit smoothie
156. glitter 


  1. Miss O is a beauty and what a lovely family you have. "LOVE" - if only everyone could understand.

  2. That owl photo...ack!...A-DORABLE! I love hats. My older two played well; Charleigh, notsomuch.

  3. Thanks for sharing that adorable blessing and her precious family!
    May God Bless!

  4. she looks like such a little sugar cube! She is a lucky little girl to have such lovely family!

  5. I remember reading Annie's blog as the cutie patootie was gearing up for heart surgery. I do believe Miss Ollie has probably helped your family learn to enjoy all of the moments with the children and not to take anything for granted. She sure is cute!!

  6. Oh my that baby bird in the nest is just beautiful. But I already knew that. She is a precious gift not just to her family, but to the world as she has probably taught a lot of people who were not familiar with DS what it's all about. Ann

  7. Oh my goodness - I am so glad she was born where she will be loved - God is so smart about things like that. I taught special needs children for a lot of years. And my grandson has some too - ADHS, SPD, Dyslexia and who knows what else. It is a long hard journey.

    Thanks for visiting me and I am following you! I love Ann - the Boston Lady. You are my kind of gal.



  8. I saw your two pugs - black and fawn - so cute! I grabbed your button too! sandie

  9. I love this! Ollie is adorable!!!

    When I was little - okay, even now - I think babies are up in heaven looking down and they get to pick the family they glad Ollie picked yours! She looks like a happy bundle of love!

  10. I'm looking forward to all the Ollie posts this month!..I could post a comment for a couple of times so catching up...figured out if I do it through google reader it will work...

  11. She is seriously, ridiculously gorgeous. I want to chew on those cheeks. Not in a weird way. You're killing me with the owl picture.

  12. I wish I could have afforded to attend the fashion show tonight to raise money for Down's Syndrome! I have been a right to life follower since I was a young kid! I have never waivered. Never changed my opinion. I am appalled at our president sitting smugly in the white house. A man against the right to life! It sickens me but when I worked as a volunteer in the 1970s for the Right to life I remember being verbally attacked by people! It was so unkind and still is only a million times worse today! We have many patients at the ENT office where I work. I would trade the entire world full of educated idiots for one of those precious souls! My friend from Japan says her grandmother always said children like Ollie Faith have a "pure soul". You can see it and it draws you in. There is much for Ollie Faith and all the beautiful people just like her! My heart is always full of love for these beautiful people! God does know what He is doing! uts them in our path. I personally think they are angels in disguise! Love to all of you today!


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