Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All in a day's work

I was home today.
It felt good.
I checked in with Mom and Dad and they were good.
I spent the morning at the grands' Grandparent's Day.
Aubrie's kindergarten
and Everett's preschool
had a puppet show
at the Chatauqua Building at the park.
Aubrie said it was at the
Chicago Building.
(She has a little Grandma Toots in her.)
They rode the buses there and 
me and the other grandma, Ruby
met them.

They were very excited.
I may have had a raisin stuck in my teeth.
Odd since I hate them and never eat them.
What in the world.
Help me.
Is that a filling?
Someone call a dentist.
Perhaps it is a fly.
Yeah, that is a better option?
Let's go with a flaw in the camera lens.

I came home and fed the men crockpot stew.
The girls stopped in to work on Ethel Edith stuff
and I got some baby love.
I got some Caroline time too.
I started meat in the pot for supper.
I had big plans to finish things
I wanted to do.
Put out pumpkins on the porches.
Pick through junk for some old keys 
I know I have had for years
for a necklace project.
bathe dogs,
yard stuff...
Stu asked me to watch a grain bin 
that was drying corn
and then transferring that corn
through a tube system
to another bin.

I had to listen for the loud stirring noise to stop.
Then, when it had, time it and check it again and again.
I checked the level by banging on the side of it
and listening for the sound of where it was inside.
Luckily, I have ears like a bat.
Large and hair-less?
No silly, highly sensitive.
It took  several cycles of this process.
After the level was at a designated spot, I shut it down.
The fans are ginormous and very loud.

It isn't a bit scary. 
I am trained.
I flip switches daily.
No "clap on" for me.
I got it shut down and reported back that 
everything was a-ok. and
I had shut the transfer part down.
Stuart called back
to have me check the fan to make sure
the heat was off.
Back out across the lot.
Yup, it is off.
I get busy
and he calls again.
Can you see what the gas level in the tank 
for the dryer is?
Back across the lot to check that.
He called again.
I told him
Hey, I didn't stay home today 
so I could be the Bin Bit**.
That  shut cracked him up.
He thinks I am funny.
Blinded by love, the man is.
Eventually I got everything 
I wanted to get done, all finished up.
All in all, a great day.

256. Maggie is going back to work and I have a hairdo scheduled.
243. a good crockpot
235. a fun husband 


  1. such a good wifey...errr.... bin b**ch - lol ! You crack me up lady !

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day !

  2. You made Stu ARE the funny one!!!
    xxxx Michelle

  3. I don't understand why you're planning to do something to your hair. I love your hair. I didn't notice the raisin/fly until you mentioned it; I was too busy admiring your hair.

    Ooh...necklace/key project...present for meeee? Ah, you're too kind! ;)

  4. Well.when your funyy...your funny. You cant help it. It just

  5. gosh, you are so pretty and you have such sassy hair...but what is in that tooth?

  6. I LOVE your red hair! No wonder your husband is so smitten. Great post. :-)

  7. All Bin B**ches have a black mark on at least one of their teeth. That's how the rest of us can identify you. Your hair looks maaaahvelous! Ann

  8. What a busy day! Aubrie sure looks like G'ma Ruby.

  9. You crack me up. For the record, I didn't see the black spot in the picture until you mentioned raisins.

    I don't like raisins either.

    And in every single school picture I took growing up, I had one black nostril.

    It happens.

    It's part of our charm, I'm sure...

  10. I love how Ruby and Aubrie have their hands on Ev in 1st's like they are restraining him...cracks me up. Quit working so hard on the farm and sitting kids. It's killing our dreams of rockstardom. Ps. I'm fasting and praying harvest is quick or we get a boatload of rain so we can date you guys again before Christmas


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