Monday, October 3, 2011


It is a tough week this week.
Mom and Dad are moving on Thursday
into the assisted living facility.
Dad has had a rough week.
Weather changes mess with him.
Seriously, moon changes do too.
He has a big change coming
and frankly,
I am a bit anxious about it.
Mom is excited but 
I know she has some apprehension 
about how well Dad will adjust.
Not to mention that she is leaving the home
she has cared for and loved for many years.
Then we had upsetting family news.
My aunt died this weekend.
One of Dad's younger brothers, Jimmy's wife.
My Aunt Charlotte.
It is sad.
She battled cancer and fought hard.
We are sad.
This is the third loved one I have lost 
in the last month.
My best friend from HS and college roommate
lost her dad.
My neighbor/friend lost her fight with cancer.
Sometimes life stinks.
But the truth of life is 
that there are wonders all around us.
Many things to be thankful for.
God has blessed me with 
so many special gifts to be grateful for.
The truth of God's love is 
not that he allows bad things to happen
but, rather that when they do happen
he is right here beside us.
No matter how ugly things get,
he is walking beside us.
Never changing, always loving us.
And for that I am the most grateful.

3. hot coffee and the Today show
92. warm laundry
178. quiet afternoons
258. that prayer works


  1. Janie, your parents home is lovely and I'm sure of wonderful memories. This will be a difficult adjustment for everyone and I hope it goes smoothly and all can weather the bumps along the way. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt and other loved ones who have passed on. Sometimes it seems as if everything happens at once. Your mom and dad raised a great family and now they are being rewarded with loving care and concern. All the best, Ann

  2. Sorry, I really need to proof-read... Full of wonderful memories. Ann

  3. I'm sorry. I'll put your mother & dad on my "official" prayer list over the next few days. And YOU, too. That's a lot of change for a lot of people.

  4. Consider yourselves prayed for! Isn't it wonderful that we have a God that hears those prayers and carries us through!! The love of their children will guide your parents through this adjustment- keep blessing each other with support!

  5. Their move will be an adjustment for you too, even tho you know it is necessary. There are many calls to adjust in this season of life that we are in with our parents. You sound very strong though I know you ache with the loss of friends and loved ones. Life is often very hard and this is one of those times, isn't it?
    Gotta go call my Mom.

  6. I am sorry for your pain. Also, I am proud to know you. You have excellent perspective and scope. And you're right: He's with you, every second. Sending you a virtual squeeeeeze.

  7. Well my new friend, I have been there and done that - and I can;t say it is easy at all. But it can be done - just remember to breathe and take one day at a time.


  8. Sorry for your losses Janie, but so happy you know the One who comforts us in our sorrows.
    Trusting that God will take care of your parents.
    He is always faithful.

    Deborah xo

  9. Hate to hear of so much loss in such a short time.

    It sounds like you are making the best decision for your parents, even though it's a hard one.

    I'm impressed you're keeping it in perspective with things to be grateful for. Keep it up!

  10. awww, sweetie. Prayers for you + yours. Side note, your mama looks like Paula Deen. ;-)

  11. What a beautiful home. I can sense the warmth and love that filled its rooms and echoed throughout during many years of living. Prayers today for your courage and peace and that God meets you all in the hurt and sad places.

  12. What a handsom couple!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Janie such beautiful words. I have relied heavily on God this last year, and know that without him, I wouldn't have made it through all the loss and darkness. Saying prayers for you and your Mom and Dad. xoxo

  14. i cant imagine the feelings they will have in regards to leaving that cozy craftsman house, that they put so much love in.
    Life is a long road with turns and forks in the it......It stinks sometimes. I am gonna say a little prayer for them to have good feelings about it and for a new beginning of sorts in their new setting. They are such a handsome couple.
    BTW...Your mom has pretty eyes.

  15. I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts!

  16. Loss and pain.

    It's an inevitable side effect of loving and being loved.

    But oh. You've been loved.

    And are.

    Hold on to that.

  17. Thanks for the reminder of faith Janie...I needed that! I miss her terribly!

  18. I have never stopped praying for your family since I first met Annie and she told us about Ollie Faith! I will pray for your folks too. Change is hard when you get older but it will be a good and safe environment! God Bless all of you! Your folks had a beautiful home. Life does stink but God is always there ready to catch us when we went to fall! Love to you today and always Anne


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