Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Signs Confirm It

Fall has finally come to stay.
My privacy fence has disappeared.

The clean-up crew has been brought in.

The mums are blooming.

There is lots of dust.

Lots of noise
with trucks in and out of the drive.

There is a cute farmer 
who sits and waits for his trailer to empty.
He likes for me to sit and entertain him.

Big blue has been getting her cook on.

Some of us 
are really excited
about it.

Some of us 
are too tired to care.

And some of us need to paint the porch ;)


  1. Love it! I need to write about mums, myself, and my porch is being painted, this week. Happy fall! Scare me with some hair lest my link-up be a total bust! :(

  2. I loved that! Made me smile.... :-)

  3. Love those happy pooches rollin' round. And that Farmer with the pumpkin beside him should have turned around and given us a smile! Great photos - love watchin' the workings of a Farm!


  4. Any chance you could train the two pooches to paint the porch while you sit and entertain your husband while he watches his trailer unload????

  5. If you meant to work the pugs - forget - they are just for decoration! They don't work! teehee

    I want one of those big blue pots- one of my friends have one and makes bread in it and it was delish!


  6. Gahh, I love your porch! And the faces of those pups--hi-larious! P.S. Thanks for the comment; I'm gonna look for your chairs post.

  7. i love fall in the country. The pugs....cute

  8. Fall is as delicious as what's in the blue pot on the stove! We are enjoying every day now. The pugs look bored.bored.bored. That's ok, the other canines are enjoying life enough for everyone!

  9. You live in such a beautiful area!!

    I needed to read this as I think I am getting sick ... and I need to NOT focus on feeling sorry for myself right now! I need to focus on the good Le Crueset pots -- I love mine!

  10. Love those photos and your stories make me smile.


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