Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Today was a Caroline and Penelope day.
I made an observation...
being 2 trumps being 52.


1. treating yourself with a few M &Ms every time you sucessfully use the toilet. 

2. freely and without judgement having the option to sing loudly and off-key whenever the whim strikes.

3. wearing parts of your lunch on your shirt without reproach.

4. dragging out anything that interests you and then participating poorly in the clean-up process.

5. mandatory afternoon naps. 

83. pink paint
124. a well patina-ed wood floor
135. free samples
260. blog comments 


  1. Wait till you're SIXTY-two!!! Then you can do all THAT and more w/o shame :)

    (Don't ask me how I know. I just do.)

  2. To that I'd add: When you are 2, and are really unhappy about your current situation, you have the freedom to completely melt down, and expel all that stress!

    Waiting to board a 6am flight this morning, there was a 2 yr old in full meltdown, tired, cranky and not wanting to get on the plane. I thought to myself, "I completely understand little sister... I'm right there with ya!"

    Oh and reason #243, she got to wear her jammies on the plane!


  3. it's gonna all come back around when you are 92 Janie - you'll be pooping in your diaper and all! : -) 5 days. Let the shenanigans begin!

  4. Okay I agree with you AND Rebecca. sandie

  5. Fun, fun, fun ! And you get to be the granny to all the mischief makers... AND make 52 look magnificent !

    hugs !

  6. Hey, don't be held back - you can do all those things too!

  7. You are all too funny here! The comments are cracking me up! I would love to be a two year old! Ha Ha! That meltdown stuff is good for your good health!


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