Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Celebrating Taco Style

We have come a long way baby.
Last year on this day
we got the news that the ultrasound
showed baby Ollie 
had markers for Down Syndrome
and a heart defect was strongly suspected.
I was on my way into my yearly
gyno exam when Annie called.
We were all sure when they went for this 
ultrasound everything would be fine.
I was so upset.
I bawled to my doctor.
My blood pressure was up.
I didn't want it to be true.
I prayed and cried all the way home.
I wanted my daughter and her husband
to have an easy life.
This seemed hard.
One year later,
I know life with Down Syndrome
is a blessing.
Heart surgery is behind us.
Life is really good.
Sure some things are going to be tough
but it is tough at times with a "typical" baby.
I know Ollie is just the baby 
that God knew we needed.
Sometimes unanswered prayers
are the thing we need the most.
Tonight we celebrated this one year anniversary
of that ultrasound.
We aren't sad, we are elated.
She is fabulous
and we are blessed.
We met at Chapala
and got our Mexican on.
All my kids were there along with
Grandma RuRu (Papa Rick was at a game) 
Aunt Audrey( Uncle Greg was golfing)
(Pa Stu was farming)
I took some pictures of the festivities.

And apparently while I took the little girls to the restroom,
the effects of my kids' child rearing were revealed.

Obviously their dad is at fault.


  1. oh girl life is good! it's so evident the fun and love you all have together. how awesome that you went out to celebrate the ultrasound. i love your family.

  2. Annie and Maggie's chins are hysterical. I laughted til I cried...again.

  3. ah so much fun is had when Mom leaves her camera unattended!

  4. Hahaha! Fabulous pics with mom's phone and what a difference a year can make! Ann

  5. Oh my goodness...I've got the feeling that our families would get along like peas + carrots.

  6. Obviously - isn't it always the men fault? sandie

  7. You can never go wrong with a good finger mustache.

    Oh yeah and love like you guys have.
    That's good, too.

    Cheers to that love.
    Big time.

  8. I seriously think your kids should have your camera more often cause these pictures are great lol, or maybe i think there great cause I would be doing the same with my moms camera lol....

  9. Fantabulous family! Love how you celebrate!!! Im driving off to a black tie wedding n wishing mine were more like yours - tacos at reception woulda been good with me! ;-) xoxo

  10. You have a wonderful life! That Ollie Faith is just the absolute icing on your cake! Your family is so silly! I love it!


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