Thursday, October 6, 2011

Moving day

Today was moving day for the folks.
Things couldn't have gone better.
Dad woke up and said to Mom
"Well, are you ready to go?"
He was pretty clear today.
They both were happy all day long.
No tears.
I wanted to cry 
when I pulled in their drive
this morning but
it is just going to be a new normal.
At least I still have them.
We worked all day.
My sisters, Linda and Judy,
brother-in-law David, and my niece Ellen.
Brother-in-law Butch helped some,
Annie was there for a bit
and Zac was too.
Mom and Dad sat in their chairs,
they went to Walmart to get a new TV,
and they took us all to lunch.
They ate supper with the group 
while we finished up the last of the decorating.
As we were leaving 
they were walking down the hall,
holding hands on their way
to the in-house theater
to see the evening movie.
Here are a few pictures.
We took many of their things,
but kept it simple.
It looks like them
on vacation :)

Mom wants a pair of 
chocolate brown tub chairs 
for the TV wall.
But mostly it is done.
Their little patio is all set up too.
Your prayers were felt.
We had a good day.
They are happy 
and that makes us happy.
Have a great weekend.
Mine is super busy.
An auction,
a wedding,
a birthday celebration.
Monday, I am off on an adventure.
More on all that later!


  1. Wow this place looks great - I thought it was something way different. This was beautiful. sandie

  2. What more can you ask for, the two of them together and safe. Their place looks wonderful, you all did a great job. I am so happy the day went good for you.

  3. Thank You, Father.

    I'm so glad you all had a good day, Janie. I did, too.

    I love the owl! What does the sign above the glass doors say?

  4. I think you did this at exactly the right time and they are going to be very happy there..yes..the new normal but it is still good.

  5. This post was so darn sweet Janie!! HUGS to you all!!


  6. It looks lovely and homey already ! I love your dad with the suspenders - too cute !

    Your mom with the pocketbook - makes me giggle. My beloved godmother carried her damn purse EVERYWHERE til she died at the ripe old age of 93. NO ONE could ever touch it, if you went to help her, say out of the car and said, "here let me hold that for you" she would get a death grip on the bag. The only one that was EVER allowed to "help" her was my Jacob - her very favorite boy. Well, when she died, the boys and I jokingly said we were going to bronze that thing - but first we wanted to see what was in it...... ready?

    a few tissues, an ink pen, a "rain bonnet" (remember those?) and some mints (the kind you get free in a bowl at the register in diners here in jersey). THAT's IT ! I still say we should have the thing bronzed - it weighs a ton anyway : D

    So glad you had a good day..... they're gonna be just fine Janie.... it's just a new normal, in a new chapter of their lives.


  7. I ♥ the saying on the wall - and smile at the picture of them going hand-in-hand down the hall to the in-house movie!

    What total sweetness. What a fine example of peace and contentment they have set for you guys! God bless them. God bless you.

  8. May they be blessed with much happiness in their new home.
    Wow. I'd LOVE to be able to hire their decorators!

  9. May we all be so strong as life calls for changes and adjustments. We can all learn a life lesson from them.
    I hope they absolutely LOVE it there. What a great job of decorating - the place looks great!

  10. Glad to hear things went so well! You all did a beautiful job of creating a homey atmosphere for them. :)

  11. What a perfect little place for them! And of course, you all did a perfect job of decorating. Janie, you and your family are pretty amazing. We take the kind of thing for granted because we don't know it to be any other, I just want to point that out to you.

    Have a great weekend and have fun with the adventure, can't wait to read about it. Hugs, friend.

  12. They look quite cozy in their new spot! I'm still jealous of the movie theater....

  13. Their place looks wonderful! I'm glad they are happy and that they have so much love surrounding them. I also love that owl cookie jar in the kitchen. :-)

  14. Beautifully done! I hope they are very happy there...and will make more fun memories!

  15. Oh my goodness....that painting of Our Lord behind the lamp in the last photo...I am major jonesin' on that!

  16. so glad there wasn't tears and that they were happy. looks like a really nice place. i can't imagine my parents at that age and yet i can. they come on friday. can't wait to squeeze their necks and show them my new world. happy busy weekend to ya. we've got a busy one too;)

  17. It looks lovely. I hope they enjoy every minute of their new digs.

  18. So clear where you get it all from... What wonderful folks you have. I wish them lotsa happiness in their beautiful new home. Wishing you a fun weekend! Xo

  19. Janie, it's lovely and it will be Home Sweet Home because they want it to be. When the decision is finally made, they can move forward and start living again. Less stress for your Mom hopefully and that will mean less stress for all of you kids. My mother in law talks about moving into assisted living and then always finishes with "I'm not ready yet." Today she was bent out of shape over a garden gate that won't close :o}

  20. Wow! What a cute place done up so nice. I am happy that everything went well. You and your parents have been in my thoughts. Change can be so hard.

  21. You are so blessed to have your folks! What a darling place you helped them decorate! It looks so lovely and inviting. Best wishes to them! Lots of hugs and love Anne


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