Sunday, October 9, 2011

Camptown Ladies

I should not be bloggiong.
I have tons to do.
I have cooked farmer meals 
for the week ahead, all day long.
Tomorrow I am going on a great adventure.
I am going camping with  the coopkeeper .
If you know me this is funny, 
because I am more of a condo or  Hyatt girl. 
But, I am super excited.
So much so, I may need to pack a Poise pad 
or  two a dozen.
We are hiking, gabbing,
canoeing( I hate unclear water),
yakking, horseback riding, talking, etc.
On Tuesday, we have a date with a blog reader.
She and a friend are taking us to lunch and 
giving us a tour of the area.
I am posting a blog 
about the auction I attended tomorrow
Abbie is going to guest post for me this week.
Annie is doing the 31 for 21  posts on her blog,
and Maggie is a blog nazi,
well, a slacker at least.
So Abbie is the only guest.
I will get home Thursday
with so much blog fodder.
Just you wait.
I may be in touch while I am gone.
But, more than likely
I am gong to be too busy
tearing it up with 
one of the funniest gals I know. 
Pray I don't drown on the canoe expedition.
She claims it is only knee deep.
I may be in a life vest anyway.
I like to see the bottom of the water that I get in.
No alligators in Indiana, right?
But, they do have snapping turtles.
I am doing it though.
Canoeing... it's the new black.
Or black and blue.
Time will tell.

P.S. Mom and Dad are doing great.
I have had this trip planned for a long time 
so I am going and my sisters
are picking up my slack.
Thanks sisters :)

149. packages in the mail
138. worship music in my car
261. Caroline spending the night.



  1. Fun, fun, fun. I look forward tor reading your guest poster! Stay "high" AND "dry"!

  2. JEALOUS ! Have a wonderful time you two...and think about poor me back in humid icky jersey... all kinds of lonely and wanting to go on the canoe too. I'd save you if you were drowning, Janie ! I was a lifeguard back in highschool - you know when we swam with the dinosaurs : P

    Take lots of pictures!!!!

  3. Have a great time! Don't forget your camera ;-)

  4. blog nazi?! i was not even asked to be a guest poster! hateful mother...hateful

  5. Have a wonderful time Janie!!


  6. Have a great time, but please be careful! Jayme can be a bad influence you know...

  7. Whoeee, watch out for wild women, wildlife! Sounds like awesome fun (from a farm gal who just slept in a Hyatt the last three nights n is eager to rejoin nature). Be safe ladies- all that laughing might overturn your canoe! ;-)

  8. What fun! I just met the kindest blog friends who are now my read friends! I love it! We had so much fun! Enjoy! My late Uncle Tom use to say "My idea of camping is a five star hotel with room service! Ha Ha! That's me for sure!


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