Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hello blog world.  My mother called me a "blog nazi" and said I didn't want to be a guest poster, but what she didn't say is that she never asked.  So guess what momma, you've been HACKED.  BOOM! 

I'm Maggie, the youngest and therefore the prettiest daughter. 

 I have a handsome husband, Kylie, and two beautiful daughters, Caroline and Penelope. 

 And one hateful chihuahua, Hazel Wynette(who will not be photographed).  I've owned a salon for 4 years now, and my mom helps keep the girls so I can work.  I would rather be at home with them, but luckily I have a job that I love and is flexible...especially when you're the boss.  Since my mom keeps the girls so much, I decided to interview them.  Keep in mind Caroline is 2 and Penelope is 7 weeks old.  Let the questions begin!

Hey Caroline-Can  I ask you some questions about Mama Janie? "No.  I wanna color too"

oh boy, not sure this is going to go very well, but we continued

-What color eyes does Mama Janie have? "ummmm, brown"
   I was shocked she got this right!

L.P. was giving the stink eye.  She was not interested in this, she fell asleep.

-What color hair does Mama Janie have? "ummmm, black"
   we should try this out next time mama!

-Is Mama Janie a big girl or little girl? "little girl, uh big girl"
   I think she's accurate.  She plays like little girls, but she's a big girl.

-What is your favorite movie to watch at Mama Janie's? "Strawberry Wortcake"
  She can't say her "sh" sound, it's always a "w", like whopping instead of shopping, ya dig?

-What do you love the most about Mama Janie?  "Bambi and Mama's house"
  ouch. sorry mom.

-Is Mama Janie pretty or funny? "Pretty"
I agree, but I would have said pretty funny.

-What do you do with Mama Janie? "We just get down. Read cookie monster, he bites me though.  On my fingers and my toes.  I push it down.  I gonna turn this light on now, hahaha, this funny.  I want that pen though."
Yup, she never quits talking.  My favorite.. "we just get down."  Mom apparently knows how to party.

and so does Cline. She was cracking up trying to steal the camera.

I hope you enjoyed my hack job.  Mom thinks I'm a blog nazi because I never write on my own blog.  The last time I did was an update during Ollie's surgery in June!  I just can't find time to do it and internet is not easily accessible for me, so I don't blog.  My apologies.  But enjoy watching my girls grow up via my mom. 

I love you mom.

what I'm thankful for:
1. fresh sheets
2. homemade strawberry jam
3.  new socks


  1. tell bean just wait till tomorrow when she and i just get down! par-tay! bean is hilarous

  2. "We just get down."


    And I ADORE your nicknames for the girls: Cline and L.P. - too adorable.

    Loved the hack job, Maggie.
    (You're pretty funny, too!)

  3. hilarious. And you're kids are adorable. I am a little concerned about the biting cookie monster. Scary.

  4. Get down, get down, get down tonight! I imagine Mama Janie has Caroline dancing around quite a bit! Ann

  5. Fun to hear from you! I know you must be very, VERY busy - and building a house, too, NOT?

  6. Too funny. And cute. And scary. I get the too busy to blog thing. You know how to produce when ya need to tho! Good to hear from ya, you young thang!

  7. What a family you have! I love all the stories and your kids are so cute! Great guest blogging! Or hacking! Ha Ha!


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