Thursday, October 13, 2011


As you loyal readers know my mom hit the road.  She met up with her friend Jayme, who literally flew the coop, in Indiana for a weekend of camping.  I can only imagine there was much oohing and ahhing over the beautiful trees, lots of moderately well focused pictures, and general frolicking going on.  Mom's not really a camper.  She loves her camper because she loves kitsch and decorating, not necessarily cause she's pumped to sleep amongst critters without a decent shower.  I can't blame her a bit.  I am impressed with her gumption at camping in October.  Since mom is sure to return, she asked the sisters and I to fill in.  It seems she saved the best for last.   
 Suck it Annie and Maggie

 Since I'm the last, it gave me a little extra time to decide what to write about.  Then I got to thinking....this spring I followed my mom and dad into church.  On the way up to the door mom looked over at me and asked me to trade her scarves because mine was cuter than hers.  Yup, sweet deal right?  "Can I trade you so I look better than you?"...but I did trade her.  We continued on inside and Zac and I grabbed a coffee and made our way into the sanctuary.  As I stood there, coffee in hand, next to my big husband, with my nails painted, in my cardigan and scarf and cute jeans and I quickly realized....I am my mom!

It's not just that I look like her, that I have her eyes and a majority of her nose.  (But definitely not her legs, thanks dad.  I am Stu Fox when I wear shorts I swear.  I even wore a pair of his work shorts and boots and his tool belt and went out on Halloween as Stu Fox. Ridiculous right?)

Ma in High school

  It's that I have her mannerisms and her patterns of speech.  I make the same expressions and the same hand movements that are absolutely necessary for us to be able to carry on a conversation.
 We even share a birthday (also shared by my mom's twin Jackie and my dad's sister Jennifer).

I see it happening more each day.  I see how I insist on constantly being busy.   I feel that EVERY space needs to be decorated. I rearrange things for no good reason.   I buy every piece of chippy painted anything that's a good deal, not because I need it or have anything to do with it....but because for that price, I can't afford not to buy 8 doors, 8 windows, 2 benches, a cabinet, 8 chairs, and a table (thank you Pettyjohn auction).  I am ram-y, impatient, and like to talk a mile a minute.  I even work in such a frenzy around the house that there is no time to close the cabinet doors.  And not so oddly, I think things need to be neat and orderly to the point of organizing my closet in rainbow order. And the worst part is, I LIKE it.  
 I BLAME MOM! She ruined us.  Sisters you know what I'm talking about.  She used to tell us all the time "you live like hogs!  I hate to think what your houses will look like when you grow up!" 

She also cursed us with the desire to narrate our lives with songs (ie: the good morning song, the sleepy and tired song, etc.), the ability mock each other mercilessly, laugh until we cry or pee our pants and love things that are ugly to the point of being adorable.  Case in point..

My mom is really something else.  God love the lady, she can't take a decent picture to save her life.  For example....


mega fail

But she sure knows how to redeem herself with a picture like this...

Hilarious!  I know!  I nearly cried laughing at it.  That face is pure joy!  
What can I say, she gets it honest...oh great grandma....

My mom is why I'm a little crazy, but I wouldn't change it.  She's also the reason why I'm funny, and determined, and able.  She's the reason why I can cook, and clean, and decorate.  My mom shaped me, (I just wish she'd take a little more off my hips and ass) and for that reason I love her super bad!  It's also why I am her favorite daughter and she is my favorite mom (just don't tell my mother-in-law). 

ps....if I am your favorite, well heck, even if I'm not, pleae come visit me over at my blog,  Little Trailer, Big People.

what I'm thankful for:

1. flirty babies
2. husbands that treat their wives like gold
(thanks husband, and brothers-in-law)
3.  family that spends time together because they WANT to
4.  meatloaf (from Zac, my husband)


  1. Its funny. I become more like my mother the older I get too. 20 years ago, I would have NEVER thought for one second that in any way, shape or form that was a GOOD thing. lol
    It's rather obvious that Miss Janie did a wonderful job raising her girls! :)

  2. What a wonderful testimony to your Mom. You are every Mother's dream for a daughter. Loved your post!

  3. I actually DO come by the trailer blog frequently. (But you're seldom there.) With all this wit and humor, you really MUST be more consistent.

    I think you're my favorite guest poster (but I tell all your sisters that).

    Seriously, your writing style is really delightful. Loved this post. How did you get your hands on all those amazing (?) photos????

  4. What a nice tribute to your Mom. Love it!

  5. Your inherited good humor came through loud and clear in this post. You are all my favorite sisters.... Ann

  6. If it is not one thing it's your mother!..thank goodness..

  7. Your entire family is a HOOT!
    Where can I go to join?

  8. damn you sue! fyi, that old pic with gpa jack, i thought how is abbie in that picture?! then i realized it was mom. and p.s. i got the short end of the stick going first! shoot dang

  9. damn you sue! You had the best picture material! And yes mom as a child = abbie! Ha larious!

  10. You certainly have your mom's sense of humor. Loved this post, made me smile! We all become our mothers eventually!

  11. That was a wonderful post about your mom - show her on mother's day. Great family and funny picture with your eyes all closed.

    I'll check you out.


  12. Bless your heart, you have your Mom's qualities all rolled up into one little package! had me laughing so hard I choked on my coffee! I hope she's having a good time with Jayme, who knows what they are eating. Since I'm a slow poke who just now logged onto this week's posts, I can honestly say you are my favorite guest blogger of the week! Great job Abbie...

  13. I think all three of you look like your mom! You're all super blessed to have her, that's fo' sho'!

  14. It is your family humor that draws me here! I love knowing all of you and it has been a while since I caught up! Well, here I am! Love the photos and story too!

  15. Seems I need to wander over to your trailer. This was just too much fun.


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