Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Super Sister

I'm filling in for Mama Janie today.

Some of you may know me because I am the only good sister that regularly blogs here.  If you haven't been to my blog, you must come visit me.  It's Down Syndrome Awareness month & I'm blogging daily!  I'd like to make you my newest friends!

For those of you that don't know me I'm the oldest daughter, Annie.  I'm also known to strangers as Maggie's twin, and Abbie's daughter - ha larious!!  I also want to make it known that I have always been the favorite, I was the favorite daughter first - that's right first!  That's 100% true too - eat it sisters!

I am the favorite because clearly I make tiny duplicates of myself in perfect form & I have the most of them.  Above is Aubrie (5 going on 15), Everett (4 going on wild), and Ollie Faith (8 months) also known as super baby.

Today I'm going to interview the first and favorite grand-dog, Trudie Claudette (9 going on ancient).

Trudie, is it true that you are in an extreme state of depression now that I am a full-time stay at home Mom and Grandma Janie no longer visits you?

Is it true that you can barely get out of bed because Grandma Janie has blogged about Reta and Stella on numerous occassions, but never once about you?

I was told that when you heard Reta is actually spelled Rita but she uses the 'e' to appear hip and young, that you took a big deuce on the floor to prove how bogus you thought said e was?

Is it true that your name was formerly Rudy, and now you have changed it to Trudie to also appear fresh & hip?

Does it make you fighting mad that you are often spoke of in relation to a famous children's character?  That your personality shines just like said character?

I can see this interview is going no where fast.

What I'm thankful for:
  1. Baby smiles in the mornings
  2. sloppy kisses after school
  3. a handsome husband holding my hand


  1. I can "hear" the resemblance between you and your Mom - you're a HOOT!

    BTW, you have beautiful brown eyes!

  2. Wow - you had a lot of wonderful things to say - your children are indeed beautiful - and your dog is adorable - a pug? They are my favorite dog ever. Happy birthday to him!


  3. Oh my gosh that dog is KILLING ME!! AHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  4. Yep she is a pug - she is the best things in life wrapped into a 16 pound sausage like hairy body ;)

  5. you are a doll. i want to chop off my hair now. love your sense of humor. can tell who you came from;)

  6. Awesome. That's the first "blue eye" I've ever seen... But then it seems to go with the Pug personality! ;-) My Nicodemus has found a kindred spirit! Your two legged kids are pretty stunning too!

  7. Ha Ha Ha! Those sweet pups never change their expression! Have you ever seen Jim on "Mike and Molly"? I love that show and Mike's mom has that little dog Jim. He once smoked some weed with Molly's kookie sister! Hee Hee! I love our pets and you seem to love yours too! Hugs Anne


Thanks for reading my blather. I read every comment. They make my heart happy!