Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wrong, I guess.

In my last post I spoke of 
one of my pugs.
I called her Reta.
*that black lump is Stella on her pillow*
I heard from all 3 daughters,
"That is not how you spell her name!"
They claim it is spelled 
Rita, with an "i."
They said I changed the spelling 
to make her seem 
more of a celebrity.
They accused me of being highfalutin.
I argued it has always been 
Reta, with a "e. "
I retrieved the AKC papers
to prove my point.
Alas, it is on the document
Rita, with an "i."
I came clean and told them
they were right.
I have spelled it this way forever.
R. E. T.A.
As my defense, 
I say it is because my MIL
is named Leta,
and the names rhyme.
Reta is fat, 
ok, morbidly obese
in dog terms.
I think she is cute...
in a round, portly way.
I really think the spelling change 
came with her size change.
An "e" is so much more spherical.
It is befitting of her rotund size.
However, with this thinking
her name should be Rota,
well, probably Ruta.
I am sorry for erroneous information.
I will try to do better.
Oh, and if you see me out and about

I still go by Janie.
Don't be a calling me Junie!


  1. Anne Shirley spells her name with an 'E'. Need I say more. I guess I do. That dog does NOT look like a Rita at all - it's much too common.

  2. I like it either way...super cute dog name:)

  3. Ok this might be the dumbest darn thing I've ever heard, and it's made me totally reevaluate every single thing I ever thought/felt about Reta. I don't even think I could trust a dog named Reta spelled with an "i"...just like I don't trust women whose names end in "ie" unless their names start with a "J". (Sorry AnnIE, AbbIE, and MaggIE to have to reveal this to you on your mama's blog of all places, but I'm just keeping it real cuz that's my deal). Besides Reta goes better with Stella than rIta. I've got to hold tightly to my own truth, so in my reality she is, was and forever shall be RETA. I could go way further into this argument with you, but I'm on my phone right now doing really cool stuff that's epic so you see I just don't have time.
    P.S. Even though I can't really trust you b/c your names end in "ie" I love each of you girls in separate but equal ways.
    P.S.S. John says I need to add that I'm heavily medicated right now with some serious Nyquil action for a nasty cold b/c he thinks this comment is the "dumbest darn thing he's ever heard"....say what??

  4. I am not a dog person, but I've always wanted a Pug!! They are so so cute! :)


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