Monday, January 17, 2011

Mary, Mary, Qute contrary

Well, the garden catalogs have started to arrive. 
That means I need to get a game plan going. 
 Have you ever wanted to just tear it all out,
put in gravel,
 spend the summer with a book in one hand 
and an iced tea in the other?
No yard work, no guilt?
hmm yeah right, me neither.
 I have learned over the years that I love making a garden...
 cleaning the winter rubbish from the beds,
 placing my birdbaths and birdhouses in their perfect spots,
visiting the nursery for new plants,
finding antique-y, decorate-y, things for just the right places,
spreading the warm, dark mulch just so.
Yup, starting them is exciting.
June is easy peasy.
Perennials come up and are looking green and full. 
Things start filling out nicely.
Plants begin to really bloom.
 July comes and my grasses are getting big.
  Bird feeders are full of birds,
under them sprout all sorts of unknown plant specimens. 
But, I am keeping the weeds at a minimum.
Occasional watering is needed.
My garden is lovely.
 Late July arrives and it is Illinois hot and humid.
I make myself go out early in the day and weed.
@#$%& bird feeders. I fight the urge to pitch them.
 August comes... makes July feel chilly.
It is a sauna outside. 
I live on the surface of the sun.
Gardens, I am so. over. you.
 So as spring approaches, I vow to do better,
to persevere as the weeds multiply and the scorch ensues.
I'll keep you posted. Literally.


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  1. I feel you. I really really really do. your garden is gorgeous by the way.


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