Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Much ado about nothing

I have talked about it for some time. I have made excuses and I have wrestled with  ideas. You know the old adage s?*$# or get off the pot...Well I did it folks, I took the plunge,  I got off the fence,I bit the bullet...ok enough colloquialisms. Five points though for the big word. This is the blog I have put so much hype into. I pray I don't bore y'all to death. I swear I had a gazillion ideas for posts until tonight and now Nada.  I carried my camera around the house and snapped a bunch of really pathetic pictures then Annie ( my daughter) took them and magically made me a header. I don't know how to do that and she assures me I never will have to. It is called old... I learned computer in college at a data processing class where we took data cards to a building to see if they would run. What was that? I remember nothing. Then when I was pregnant with my youngest (24years ago) I took a class at the local Jr. college with one of  my sisters. We were so bad at it and then gloriously our prayers were answered. The school went on strike and the class was canceled. It resumed too close to my due date for me to finish so I got a refund. I know it was divine intervention. My skills have barely progressed. So bear with me. I hope to add pictures to this post. We shall see....
Also breaking news- I got a new phone today. I had an orange construction worker phone, really b/c  I was hard on phones and the salesman recommended it for me. . My contract was up and I decided to move up to a better one. My friend , Jamie, who is 17 years younger than I (clue #1), recommended a Blackberry. It arrived and my kids all said 'Oh, no!"(clue #2) How hateful, but now I am beginning to think oh, no! I can answer calls and well, that's it for now. I will master it though. I remember how hard the DVR seemed when we got it and now I am a pro. I will survive. I will prove those doubting Thomases wrong! But for now please don't text me and expect an answer.So this is it for the first blog post. I am off to watch the dvd thingie that came with my phone... does it go in the side of the laptop? Until next time... xoxo
PS I can't remember how to post a picture.... Annie????


  1. 1) I had NO idea I was 17 years younger than you...I've been telling people 15. Since that would make me 37, and I'm convinced I'm 33 when in reality I'm 35 I think I'm just going to tell people we are 7 years apart like me and John (easier to remember)...so you are now 42, enjoy. Why is it only me who struggles to remember my age? I blame Shelbyville math teachers and the crap they sprayed on the swamps back in Nam
    2) You WILL love and conquer your blackberry if I have to do tutorials every night and multiple texts everyday. You. Can. Do. This.
    3) I love your blog, and so will others...you know what they say, if you babble, they will come...

  2. I am soo tickled!! You'll love having a blog Janie! I've had mine almost a year now, and have really enjoyed and I have met so many nice and wonderful people, such as you!

    I will be back to visit soon,as right now I've got to get ready for my weight watcher meeting, so I've got to go for now.. I'm grinning from ear to ear girlfriend!! :)


  3. "Oh, I did it , I started a blog." Whatever. I can't believe you just casually tossed that out there in a comment after all this time. Where were the trumpets? The drumrolls?

    Yay for Janie! I believe anything is possible now!

  4. Okay, jumping up and down, waving my arms, shouting woohoo!!!! Ya for you! This is AWESOME!!

    P.S. Umm, I don't see my blog on your list missy!

  5. Well hello mama! welcome to the blog party. i look forward to seeing your ridiculous in more than just mispelled texts now, xoxoxo your favorite daughter

  6. Lynn sent me over! Welcome to blog land!! I look forward to following your blog :)

  7. Welcome to the "World of Blog" Janie!!!
    Your friend Lynn sent me over AND just from your heading I know we have LOTS in common! I'm your newest FOLLOWER and I'm hoping you will choose to FOLLOW ME TOO!!!
    Have a wonderful week,
    Hugs to you

  8. Welcome to blog land you will love it.I know I will love reading your blog.I have not posted on mine for some time but plan on picking up in the near future the whole grammer thing scares me too.

  9. I am SO glad you have a blog....
    I can't wait to follow along on your journey!

  10. Whooooo Hoooooo ! Welcome my friend... I also took my first computer class involving punch cards! I'm going to have to coerce one of my boys to make me a header - yours is adorable !

    I'm following you of course and looking forward to more !


  11. Hi Janie, Great to see you in blogland! LeAnn sent me BTW. Not computer savvy either but as muy son said "Mom, it won't blow up on you":)
    I'm you newest follower and would love it if you would stop by!

  12. Lynn asked us to come check out your new blog...it's G R E A T! Welcome to Bloggyland!
    Blessings, K
    Tell Annie the headers is fabulous, especially the old Bibles!


  13. Welcome to the big world of blogging! LeAnn sent me over and I'm looking forward to seeing all you have to share! I just started blogging in July and knew NOTHING when I started. You can do it. I know (from experience) you can! :)

  14. Welcome to blogland! I'm visiting from LeAnn's place. Can't wait to read about how your mastered your Blackberry!


  15. I just popped over from Lynn's blog to say hello. Welcome to blogland, I know you will love it! I don't think any of us are computer experts, so don't worry about that. Good Luck with the phone, should be fun.......:-)Hugs

  16. Just came by from Vintage Sassy to say Congrats on the new blog! You are funny, You're gonna be great!

  17. I'm over here from Lynn's. Welcome to blogging! Love your header. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back. Looking forward to reading future posts.

  18. Well look at you! I'm the 18th comment on your first post!! It took me nearly a year to get that many. So glad I get to read you blathering on. And I'm so glad to see that you haven't lost your marbles (header reference).

  19. Hey Janie, Lynn sent me over and I welcome you to blog land. I am relatively new to it also and am finding it lots of fun. Have met some really nice people with like interests. Come visit and say howdy, leave a comment and become a follower, would love to have you. Looking forward to your babble, lol...

  20. LOL! LOL! LOL! What a nice first-post!!!
    Dear Janie, I send you my warmest welcome to Blogland and can't wait to see your first pics posted in your Blog!!
    Your friend Lynn sent me over; I'm from Italy and it's really funny to learn that even if there is an Ocean among us we have lots in common! LOL! LOL! LOL! Same special love with PC, Mobiles, technology!
    I'm sure this Blog will become GREAT!!
    Welcome again and have a nice week end!

  21. Janie, I came over via your friend Lynn,
    I also became a follower. I have been doing mine now for 2 yrs and I love it. You will meet so many sweet and caring people. I know that I have.
    I see that we have the same problems in common.If I can't figure it out I just go to the grandkids.
    It also makes them feel needed and so much smarter that grandma.
    I can't wait to read some more.
    I hope that you will stop by and say Hi.

  22. YAY! Girl I'm so proud of you. I think you will love blogging. It definitely keeps you hoppin'. Helps you really explore and look for the good in everything. You will do wonderful. All the techy stuff you'll learn. At least you have your daughter to help you. I had to figure it all out on my own...yikes!

  23. First let me say I love your blog and have been reading it for awhile! I just started one of my own and I was just wondering how long it took for you to get comments....since I've gotten only 2...:(...but my goodness look how many you have on your first post!! Looks like I need to be friends with your friend Lynn...lol. Anyway, I'm new to all of this so I wanted to learn from some of the best like you and the Coopkeeper...:) Mine is My Ordinary Country Life and I hope to be as good as y'all one day. Have a great day!


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