Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pull up a chair.

My name is Janie and I am a chairoholic. I am addicted to chairs. Yes chairs.
I was doing housework today and decided to count my full-size chairs.
Not kid-size, stools or benches, because,  there are those too.
I counted... 35. I know, 35! I must try to explain myself. 
First there are seven at the kitchen table. That's acceptable. Right?
Two in the sitting area of the kitchen. Acceptable.

The front room has six. A rocker by the grand kids toy cabinet area.

 Four around the television and one at my desk. Normal, right?

Two in Stu's office. Still normal.

One in each guest room.

One in the nursery.

 One in the guest bath, kinda weird?

 One in my bath. 

Now here is where I get scared. In my room...FOUR. Ok, maybe that is too many.

. Who is sitting in these chairs? 
What are all these people doing while they are sitting in my room? 
Should I be serving refreshments?
So, I ask you "Do I need an intervention?"
Please come and judge for yourself.
And sit a spell.


  1. when you put a number on it...i does seem wierd but I think it looks wonderful. When I think about it though, I have 1 in my office, 1 in my guest room, 3 in my living rooom, 5 in my kitchen, 1 in my bedroom, and 1 in my bathroom so that's12 and I live in a trailer! oh my, maye chairaholism is genetic! Also, I call the leather chair in the living room and the green chair in the guest bath. Sorry sisters, you comment second you loose. Have no fear, 32 chairs left to choose from :)

  2. Good job Mom - you did it! A blog full of pictures!

  3. Love all the big colorful pics. Your house is sooo cute Janie. Had to smile real big to myself when I saw the house painting right by the door. Looks perfectly at home there. Looks like you are getting the hang of this blogging thing;)

  4. Where's the blue peacock chair?? Did it get moved to the shed??....LOL. I love chairs too, I call it my chair fetish..that, lamps and pillows. I definitely need an intervention.


  5. this is just too funny :) i see your house all the time and would never say you have too many! It just looks great and normal..don't change any of them..except the bedroom is a little scary!! anything going on there that requires 4 chairs?? never mind...i did not ask! :)

  6. You are a riot ! Your home is just so YOU - love it ! Warm, inviting, cozy - oh and plenty of places to sit !!!!!


  7. You have a BLOG?!
    And, you have too many chairs.
    They are all awesome though, so you're stuck.

  8. I think your chairs are fabulous Janie!

  9. I love your house! Can't wait to come for a visit. I am going to sit in every stinkin' chair you have. Everyone. Mark my words.

  10. I thought i was the only one with a chair problem...lol...my hubby says if i bring ONE more home he is having me commited....

  11. I MAY have you beat AND I think we have fewer rooms than you :)

    I so enjoyed this tour of your home! I ♥ your style.

    By the way, I'll bet you have more pillows than chairs! (I know I do, too.)

  12. This is how I think about chairs, sofas, well anywhere you put your bottom in public...they say "Welcome". Having that many chairs says a lot about you, Janie...your welcoming spirit.

    Susan from GA


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