Thursday, January 6, 2011

Living room.

The living room is a raspberry red.
It is not for everyone but I love it.
I am a color girl.
I really wanted hot pink but 
I settled for a pink-red.
This room used to be 2 rooms.
It was a dining room at one end
and living room at the other.
The house ended at the french doors and 
had a door that went out onto a back porch.
We built on in 2000 the kitchen,
 our bedroom/bath upstairs,
 a garage and
basement under the addition.

The attendance sign is from my childhood church.
The little church Stuart gave me for an anniversary.

I collect children's chairs and doll chairs.
They are throughout my house. 
IOU to remember to be grateful.
 The stain glass door came from Stu's uncles house.
It leads to the old kitchen, which is now our laundry.
I wanted to eliminate that opening but
the other door isn't big enough to get appliances through
since it was a window.
These are things that happen
when you have no real blueprints
and you do all the work yourselves.
I am thankful for the space
and I have grown to love the quirks.


  1. Wow, I love color too and yours are fabulous! Love all the quirky details! We took out the main staircase a few years after moving in so that we could get more cabinets in our new kitchen... That left just the tiny twisty stairs... Now that means the tractor n bucket lifting big items through the masterbath window... Never gonna get a new bed it seems! ;-0

  2. One of my last kitchens had hot pink walls...kinda pepto-bismol pink...I think everyone hated it except me and my collection of black/white cows... I said, as long as I was still cooking for them, they could close their eyes and eat if it bothered them. ;)


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