Friday, January 7, 2011

Our bedroom

Our room is part of the addition.
It is the length of the kitchen and garage so
it is fairly long. 
I tried to break it up with seating areas.
The bath is across from the white wardrobe.

This the outside wall of the original part of house.
I wanted the whole wall left but I wasn't home and
Stu's uncle misunderstood what I wanted
so he framed a section.
I collect the plastic bead and safety pin baskets.
I can't believe ladies actually did that craft.
I also collect the souvenir pillows 
but only of places I have been.
I also collect bark cloth which
is a fabric from the 30's thru the 50's.
It is throughout my house
in drapery panels and pillows.

 I got the dresser for $50 from an abandoned house.
It holds tons.
I am fortunate to have walk-in closets 
in the eaves on both sides of the room.
One holds our clothes.
The other holds my wrapping supplies, vacuum
and access to the attic.

The curtained door opens to a small deck
and stairs to the ground.
Stuart thought we needed a fire exit.
I never sit out there b/c I don't like heights. 

Abbie painted the picture of her and her sisters
for me for Christmas.
I love it.
The bathroom is in the eaves and is not very big.
I am not a tub person so we opted
to just have a shower in this bath.


  1. Oh my gosh. That chippy delicious headboard. I can hardly stand it. And the Abbie painting- wonderful!

  2. Well here I am prayin' for you to have a happy day and you go and make me happy... THANKS for this tour! Can't believe that I managed to miss your bedroom post! I adore it - especially the girls portrait, big dresser and stacked suitcases and brown n pink linens and .... I have soooo much similar junk but none of your creativity for display. Please come visit me one day?


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