Thursday, January 6, 2011

Roadtripping and hormones

I got up at 4 in the ayem this morning to go on a road trip with my twin sister Jackie. She is the yin to my yang, the dumb to my dumber. I adore her and she is my best audience! We always have a great time.

Today we took her youngest son to Chicago to catch a flight to Spain. I was there for emotional support and to lend her my strength. Jackie has 4 boys. Jared , the oldest lives in Switzerland (accountant for ADM), Jordan lives in their hometown (accountant with his dad's/her husband's accounting firm), Judson lives in Las Vegas(artist) and  Joel is a junior in college going to Spain to study for a semester. Knowing you can't get to your child in an emergency is tough. Las Vegas is a little easier than abroad and that thought is what she hates the most.
                                                 Joel           Jordan         Jared            Judson

I was prayed up and ready to go. She lives west, I live east, so we met north and headed out. It takes about 4 hours from home so we had plenty of time to catch up. We had our first 3 kids relatively close together, always having babies at the same time. Joel was the exception. He was born when Maggie , my youngest, was 2 so he has always been Baby Joel to me. I said to him today ""well  now that you are 21 and going to Spain, I guess I should quit calling you Baby Joel." He said "You don't have to." *sob* Be still my heart... how sweet. Love him.
We got his bags checked then had to leave him so he could go thru security. Me, being the strong, supportive one burst into tears. Nice. We pulled it together, hugged , kissed, and waved good-bye until he was a tiny speck on the horizon.
Back in our car we headed south to shop closer to home. We drove for a couple of hours. I blathered the whole way.
This is where the hormones, or lack of,  reared their stupid head...again. I now have a problem with finding my words. I talk fast, think buzz saw. I tend to say words that are similar, may even sound alike but have very different meanings. I do it all the time. Today, more of the same. ie. I am telling Jackie a story about a friend who was ticked off and proceeded to go on a "ramp" about it. After saying it more than once, trying to figure out what I was saying I got out rant. It was a combo of rant and rampage. She got it . She gets me, plus she is as age -advanced as I. It was a good day. We shopped then grabbed some dinner. The waitress brought the check and we left the money on the table and proceeded to leave. When we got up front, we realized we were supposed to pay there so, she went back to get the money and the check. I say to the check-out girl "oh, sorry we didn't know the roll -call." ROLL-CALL!!! time stands still ....... er um Protocol!!Embarrassed I slunk over to the door and about peed myself.   What a goober. I will never go back!
On a positive note, I am kicking rear on this phone. I can send/receive tests, send/receive e-mails, read/post on facebook, downloaded a bible app.(thanks Jamie) to do a daily reading and make calls. Boom!
Oh, and I washed and dried my new purple sweater. It will now fit my 5 yr. old granddaughter, Aubrie.
Baby steps, people, baby steps.


  1. The dumb to my dumber. Ha ha ha!

    And 21 comments on your FIRST post? Seriously???

  2. ps - THANK YOU for forgoing the insane word verification thingy. Nothing makes me feel dumber than getting them wrong. And seriously, those words are getting longer and squirrelier every day!

  3. Oh Janie, reading you is like a breath of fresh air and I do that with my words too. Glad to know I'm not alone! Your blog is going to be so loved, just like you:)


  4. Now I am furious with jealous because you can send/receive blackberry will not do that. in the 3 years I've had my blackberry I have YET to send OR receive a test, but then again it would depend on the subject matter whether I WANT to send or receive a test. You are MY HUSBAND!!!

  5. Jade laughed hard in bed last night at the ridiculousness of you two together at the airport - as did I. I'm not surprised on the words you used - I'm used to it. How many times did you call Aunt Jackie - Annie, Abbie, or Maggie? That's the true question & how many times did she call you Jared?

  6. Oh and shoot dang - you added blogs to your blog roll - impressive Mom!

  7. Janie, Hopefully the semester will go by fast for Joel..and for his mom too! I'm sure it will seem like forever to each one of them though... but it'll be done with in no time.. especially the way these days seem to be zooming by!! January will be over before we know itt!

    You not only are a sister, but a great friend to your sister too! and, I'm sure it's visa versa with you from your sister too!

    WOW!! You are doing fantastic with your new blog and new followers, and comments and all! You are doing really great girlfriend!!

    I bet ya Aubrie is loving her new purple sweater that Grandma gave to her! (wink,wink) I've had the same thing happen to me too with one of my sweaters... I couldn't believe my eyes when that happened!! Glad to know that I wasn't the only one who had a sweater do that!!

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend too Janie!


  8. Oh my mom, you've got me doin it to. Earlier today I asked Doc why we stopped carrying topical hormone creams, was it becaue you can't get a specific diagnosis....I mean dosage? Also, laughed hard at Jamie mocking you about your test skills. I guess I get it honest! Love you, xoxox

  9. You are so fantabulous. I'm so glad you've begun blithering on the interweb.

  10. I'm a new Blackberry-er too. Good golly, there's a lot to learn, that's for sure!
    Glad you joined in all the bloggy fun, Janie.

  11. How wonderful to have that time with your sister, and you have handsome nephews who seem so successful and productive......:-)Hugs

  12. OK...I hate that you are using the wrong words but..THANK GOD...I do that too and thought I was going crazy!!!! I also substitute words that must just be sitting side-by-side in my brain. Like...I'll think "Halloween" but I'll say "Easter". Now THAT may be crazy...but just don't tell me. Ignorance IS bliss at this age.

    Susan from GA


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