Thursday, January 13, 2011

Houston, we have a problem.

Green Acres is the place to be,
Farm living is the life for me.

 This is our house and outbuildings.
There is a  large storage shed  ( we call the shop,b/c Stu works on his equipment in there).
For you city folks...
The semi round building is called a quonset.  It holds grain, then equipment, once the grain is off to market.
The round cylinders are grain bins. Self-explanatory.
So, lots of grain around here.
With grain comes a BIG late fall and winter problem. Infestation of mice.
They love it here. Lots to eat around these parts.

We have no cats, because we have a couple of outside dogs who call them shake toys.
 So, the yard is safe place to frolic for a mouse.
Some get confused though and trek to the house.
PETA folks... turn away now.
A fight is declared.
I wish I could say I spare them but where would I take them.
Catch and release would be a waste of time, not to mention a bone to pick with my neighbors.
Trust me, they have their own!
They are dirty, filthy, they are the enemy! (the mice , not the neighbors)
I have a problem with anybody or anything that poops freewill wherever they choose.
Especially, if it in in my drawers, or cabinets. Can I get amen?
It is WAR!!

The weapon of defense for me is poison. I can't bear traps.
I hate to have to see them on a trap and I hate to have to remove them.
I buy the poison packages that look like those little silica packs that come in everything.
I put them in closets, behind cabinets and under big pieces of furniture.
They work well.
Most of the time the mouse crawls out to the middle of the room and is dead. No mess. 
I pick it up in a plastic bag, tie it up tight and take it out to the garbage.
Sometimes, I walk into a room to find one in the throes of dying.
I exit quickly.
I cannot take that.
I am not heartless. Though I don't want to resuscitate it either.
Then occasionally, and this is the worst... they die in the wall.

Stink permeates!! It lingers for 2-3 days .
You just hope it is in an area no one visiting ventures.
Nothing says welcome like the stench of a dead mouse.
I burn even more candles when this happens, but then it just smells like dead vanilla mouse.
Nice. Real nice.
So if you show up and I keep you in a holding pattern on the porch, you are in the know.

Land spreading out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.


  1. oh man man, i remember when one died in my room when i was in junior high. i thought the smell was never gonna leave! keep fightin the good fight ma.

  2. Oh girlie that's so gross. My folks live out on a farm and they get mice too. Their cat is a God send. You NEED one!

  3. Sadly, owning a bakery - I feel your pain ! Those sweet little critters like flour too. Thankfully, our silos are at the bakery, so Lavender Hill is basically mouse free. Now squirrels in the attic - those we have....lots and lots of those : (

    hoping I didn't jinx myself into new house guests,

  4. I have no words. Freaky. I mean, I think I would die. I think I would get rid of the dogs and get fifteen cats.

  5. Dead Vanilla Mouse.
    And Yankee Candle company hasn't hired you yet?
    That made me laugh out loud, girl.
    I have fought my own rodent fight. It's a losing battle in the country, but (crossing fingers behind back) we haven't had anyone in the house in a very long time. I'm a trapper, but since my husband agreed to love, honor and set and empty mouse traps many years ago, I haven't had to deal with the carnage myself.
    p.s. Your homestead is gorgeous!

  6. Oh my Lord! Dead vanilla mouse! Where can I buy some of that? Your house looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see more.

  7. If you ever write a book, I vote for "Dead Vanilla Mouse" as the title. I about wet my pants. :)

    Susan from GA


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