Sunday, January 16, 2011

A love story.

Today I went to visit my mom and dad.
I went for lunch and a visit.
Something I need to do more.
My mom is 86 years old and my dad is 91 years old.

Meet "Toots" and Howard.
My mom's real name is Ethel Edith, so you see why she goes by a nickname! 
This is a picture from their 65th wedding anniversary.
God willing, they will celebrate their 70th anniversary on April 28, 2011.
They married when Mom was 17 and Dad was 22.
Times were tough.
They worked hard and tried to scratch out a living
Dad farmed and Mom took care of people's children.
After six years, they started a family.
My oldest sister, Judy was born.
Three years later, my sister Linda followed.
Nine years after that, my twin sister and I joined the family.
Then five years more, my baby brother, John was born.
We had a wonderful childhood.
Our house was loud and happy.

Mom is a happy soul. 
She's quick to smile
She is a fun woman.
She finds joy in whatever she does, 
from cleaning chickens, to home renovations, to shopping excursions.
She taught me how to be a good wife and mother.
She showed me how to cook, clean, decorate, how to run a home.
She sat  at the kitchen table, serving a snack and lending a willing ear after school every day.
Most importantly, she gave me my faith, my Christian values.
She instilled in me the truth that every word spoken should be kind or to remain silent.

Dad was a hard worker. He farmed with my mom's dad and it wasn't always easy. 
Some years, he worked long hours for little money. 
He raised cattle and provided for our every need. 
I never felt like I lacked for anything.
He rough -housed with us.
He was witty and he teased us.
He put all five of his children through college,while he himself had only an 8th grade education.
His greatest accomplishment though, was his example of what to find in a husband.
He treated my mom with respect. 
He would wrap his arms around her while she cooked, calling her Sweetie Pie and nuzzling her neck.
He still holds her hand.
He still rubs her knee.

 Both are in good physical shape.
Dad, though is in the stages of Alzheimer's disease.
He forgets a conversation from five minutes earlier.
He can't reason anymore.
It is a hard thing to watch.
I see the stress on my mom's face. 
I see the sadness behind her eyes.
Her best friend is slipping away and she cannot save him.
It is a break she cannot glue.
She is doing what she vowed to do.
Loving him through this sickness journey.
They are walking this road together, hand in hand.
They are trudging toward the prize, eternity together with Christ.
They are counting each day a blessing.
They are a love story.


  1. Oh my...what a sweet story..I am right there with you...maybe a couple of years behind with my mom and dad...they just celebrated their 60th this year. I do need to visit more often...that is my New Years resolution! We need to take the time...thanks for visiting.

  2. Oh how I love them. I can tell Grandpa isn't the same - I hate it for Grandma, but she has been blessed with a very long life with the man she loves & in return we have all been blessed.

  3. Hi Janie, thanks so much for sharing the story of your parents, what a blessing! So glad you started blogging...I am a friend of LeAnn's from Vintage Sassy. Thanks also for stopping by my blog and the nice comment on the Cafe Wall Art. How did you like your christmas present from your hubby? I need to introduce him to mine! ;)

  4. What wonderful parents you have! And what a wonderful daughter to provide such a loving tribute to them! Prayers for you all.

  5. "it is a break she cannot glue" sad and eloquent. Your parents are adorable. I mean, TOOTS?! How much do I love it?
    this is a lovely tribute to them. I'm glad you shared it.

  6. shoot dang these hormones! they are fantastic! p.s. I can't imagine grandpa rough housing! Hilarious to picture!

  7. Ack Janie! waterworks over here!
    they are just the sweetest and Alzheimer's breaks my heart.
    Praying for her continued strength:O)

  8. Janie: Just started reading your "blatherings" and picked this one up from a recent "you can read about them here". What a great story. Just realized if my father were still living my parents would have celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary this past February. He died when he was 43 after having been married to my mother 21 years. I was born on their 10th wedding anniversary. Your parents are truly blessed to have had each other all those years, but Alzheimers is so hard to watch.


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