Friday, January 28, 2011

Self-reliant or just cheap??

A few posts back I blogged
about roasting my own coffee. 
It was great. 
I had some friends over this week
and they concurred it is GREAT coffee.
I have done it 3 times.
I did burn one batch,
but now I have a system in place. 
I know what to do and what not to do.
This week I received 
a whole assortment of beans.
Different regions ...
different flavor notes.
I fear I may be in a little deep.
I have enough beans to serve Colombia. 
However, I like that I can have a
premium tasting coffee 
for very little cost.
Also, I made bread pudding for the very first time.
I realize I am old, but I had never tried it.
I had left-over homemade bread, 
and cinnamon rolls. 
I have tried to resist eating "white stuff"
(I like to torture myself this way.)
and it seemed a shame to throw them out.
Since I am into trying new things-
My friend and I 
made homemade laundry soap
this week too.
It was simple and quick.
The recipe produced enough 
detergent to do tons of loads.
What am I trying next you ask??
I am not sure...
but don't be surprised if you see me
with noodle flour on my hands,
no zipper in my pants,
driving a horse and buggy.
Amish- it's the new black. 


  1. Janie Fox - I don't think it's cheap, or self reliant - I think it's just wanting what's best. And those home roasted beans are the bomb! I make the laundry soap too - yes, that is cause I'm cheap - and I use vinegar for fabric softener...tickles me pink baby. Hey - let's go Amish have to 'drive' the buggy though, ok, and I want to wear a pink dress under my black apron thing - and I won't wear a hat now that I have cute hair. Amen.

  2. Well, you are just too cool for school. I am not going to tell my hubby about the coffee bean roasting. That's all I need is him obsessing over one more coffee thing.

  3. Actually, the Amish in our area don't necessarily grind their own coffee or make their own laundry soap. Most ARE hard-working, enterprising people though, and we can learn a lot from them.

    I admire your ventures into "new things". As long as they are safe and yield a benefit and don't take you away from prior commitments or Biblical truth, why not????

    I have all the ingredients for making my own laundry detergent on hand. Just haven't had a friend to do it with yet :)

    (And I'm VERY creative with left-overs!)

  4. HA! I love that you are trying new things and in the meanwhile stretching the dollar too. I made sauce...that's a start right?;) Have a great weekend Janie.

  5. A - I want bread pudding - is it as good as the Timbers? Does it have a carmel sauce?
    B - if you make noodles I want those too
    C - maybe this coop you want to start can exist & you can just fill it with home made laundry detergent, softener, noodles, and pants.

  6. very funny! ok so amish is the new black huh?? we'll lets just embrace it then.


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