Monday, January 24, 2011

Yogi or not?

Today I had lunch with two of my best buds.
We try to get together at least every other week.
We do coffee or lunch, an art project, shop,
or just a time of gab.
While one friend was paying her bill,
the other pal and I
 decided that a road trip is needed
to the area outlet mall. 
There is a Jockey store, and we are in 
dire need of new underwear.
Here's where her eyebrows 
were raised (about me).
I said "yeah, mine are getting worn out,
both my daytime and  my sleep ones."
Her facial expression was
like I was speaking German.
So I ask you... you be the judge.
Am I the only person who has designated 
underwear for day and night?
It makes perfect sense to me.
Daytime has different demands.
Nighttime has separate requirements.
What kind of Neanderthal wears the same kind 
for two separate and very dissimilar times?
Or God forbid, none at all.
No hate, but seriously????
Confirm that I am right and they are wrong. 
I am smarter than the average bear, no?

P.S. Oh, and don't even get me started 
on the word panties... ick!


  1. Um, k, I'm new here and should really just lurk, *but* I can't help myself (really I try)... I'm lovin' your blog but feel compelled to play Boo Boo to Yogi... Say what?! " Night underwear?!?!?!" I am a Neanderthal who barely finds time to change it once. No hate, right? In all other ways you *are* Jane E Smart Bear. But I'll need convincing on this one.
    Looking forward to my next visit and learning more about you ( I think)!
    My mind is toiling... R U a daytime thong girl? Granny undies at night? Maybe the opposite? What else could be so different? ;-P

  2. You are too funny ! I'll admit to only having one kind of undies - boring ones at that. I'm a white cotton kind of girl - Jockey as a matter of fact. Don't usually wear a bra (hey, I grew up near Woodstock, it rubbed off on me !), but I do own one I think somewhere ! As for sleep - I'm a natural kind of girl .... LOL !

    hugs from Lavender Hill,

  3. courtney does that too. i think you are obsessive, but in a clean and dainty sort of way.

  4. Laughing so hard I can hardly type! One kind of undies. Cotton, Jockey for Her. Occasionally {{wink}} I take a hot bath in the evening and put on a clean pair before bedtime but they are still the same kind. So, you gonna explain the difference in your daytime and nightime panties??? ;-)

  5. I am a neanderthal that only has one kind of undies too!! Would rather go without at night :) lol!

  6. I am a freak with an entire dresser full of underwear....I NEVER wear the same kind to bed that I do during the day, but I have to confess agreeing with Esther in that at night time might often be found "going commando". Keep blogging're awesome! :)

  7. ummmm no i don't change for different times of the day unless you count putting a thong on as a "beacon light" for my honey..ha! probably too much information there;)

  8. Just easier to go without...I know...I know..

  9. P.S. I just read all your previous did I miss them all?? You are so funny!...definitely going to add you to my blog roll so I don't miss out anymore...I know...I know..made your day...

  10. I seriously don't know where you came from you weird weird Mom. I'm afraid you are going to warp my Aubrie.

  11. I am your newest follower! You are too funny! Come visit my blog and maybe follow me back. Either way I am laughing with you!

  12. oh my goodness..i am laughing so hard i am crying reading this to my mom! she said that she promises me she does not have 2 kinds of underwear :) so glad annie sent us over!


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